Friday, April 24, 2009

today's chronicle

Will the last day of college ever come??? I am so totally worn out.And also a little annoyed with my friends. I tend to message my classmates about every teeny-weeny thing/information I get,even when I know that they already know! But somehow the whole lot of them not only forgot to inform me that we're supposed to get the certificates stamped today itself,but also had the most obvious excuse up their sleeves-"We thought you already knew".Arre!! For future reference I am NOT calirvoyant!Now I'll have to go again on tuesday just to get two carbon imprints of hod's signature.And because I informed the remaining ones(who like me were uninformed) as soon as I got to know,they brought it from home immediately(who comes to college on time after all!) which means I'll be all alone..ohh it so totally sucks :x

Our juniors have formed a society called junoon. It's some kind of social service group.They were carrying out a clothes-donation-campaign today.I was happy to contribute :) I had very meticulously set up a reminder on my cell,so that I don't forget to take the clothes with me.Anyway, they got a very generous response.All the boxes were so full of clothes that they had to keep plenty of bags on floor.
I have noticed that I now use the reminder feature of my cell very often.And the funny thing is,every time I set up a reminder I end up remembering it without it's aid :D. Like yesterday,I had set up three reminders at 9 a.m for kanika's b'day in three different cells,but I called her around 12 a.m anyway :D
And inspite of all my peevishness at not being taken to ccd by my friends yesterday,and my empty claims of going there with or without company-I didn't go there today as well.Bhoomi and I were hungering after some yummy drinks with fancy and yet abstruse italian and french names. But Priyal is recuperating from her illness,and it would have been really tactless on our parts to not take the person who is almost a regular customer in most of the highfalutin food-joints across the length and breadth of the city :D :D (as I've said,birds of a feather :D)

Well,I don't have much to do as of now.Maybe,will read the book that chinky has lent me.White tiger-Arvind Adiga.And even though it has won the bookers prize this year,it appears boring.Chinky has alreay slammed it with her harsh criticism-and yet she's forcibly making me read it!! bolo,kya bolneka ab :D

ps: I really wish to meet my ex-classmate divya menon-nee nair :) I hope kuchh plan bane.
pps: I have noticed I use a lot of post scripts :P


kaushal said...

Man- neelanjana- Each post of yours, and there's somethign that's absolutely similar to me- today it's the habit of keeping multiple reminders and anyways ending up doing the stuff late.

neelanjana said... it?I've finally put the ball in your court then :D.Because some of your posts flummox me too.It's like reading my thoughts,my view points,in almost my words(your vein of sarcasm is better though) in somebody else's blog!

Vicky said...

white tiger??? No way...dont waste your time for that book...whoever tells u to read that...

I know it's winner of booker prize...but that doesnt make it entertaining...!!![:)]
I've wasted 2 days for finishing that book...just to regret at last that why I read it !!!
try "how opal mehta got kissed got wild and got a life".(if u havent already read it of course..)and tell me if u wanna read the e-book.(or any famous fiction e-book.I have a good collection...)

p.s. : u've got a regular reader neelanjana...your posts are fun to read.

neelanjana said...

How opal mehta got kissed,got wild and got a life was taken off the shelves from all book stores on the charges of plagiarism.An indian girl(I forgot her name..kavya,kavitha..something like that) authored it,right?But I've heard it was a good book.
anyway,thanks for your appreciation!

Vicky said...

the name is kavya vishwanathan.
and if u wanna read the book,I can mail u.I have the e-book.

kaushal said...

oh yes... it was all uthao material- just as we copy down our files- blatantly and shamelessly, the grammar errors notwithstanding.
I should actually change my name to a an 'anti-submission ranter'

neelanjana said...

I would be reeeally glad if you can do that.But don't waste GBs in mailing an entire book.It would be just as well if you give me the link.I'll download it.

Before you go about changing your name,please ask people with long names the suffering a long name inflicts :x