Thursday, April 30, 2009

back to the grind :(

Ok-enough of frolicking,enough of orkutting,enough of blogging,enough of monkeying around.Now it's time for some serious studies. I'm standing a month away from my uni exams with no idea,whatsoever,of what the monstrous syllabus consists of. The other day,as I was talking to my friend Bhoomi we were mutually in awe of our own capabilities. How we brave the act of completing a semester full of course in just a month of preparatory leave! This is not how I used to study in school.Back then the formula that worked was-a little bit of study everyday amounts up to a year full of erudition. And it was a pretty healthy practice.Maybe that's why I still remember about the Young's double split experiment, Rabi crops, Ogden Nash's poem,Artificial insemination, P-block elements,Adenine-Thymine; Guanine-Cytosine, Roops of a few words in sanskrit, Bahubrihi samaas..etc. It was the right way to learn. Not like what I do now. I do not open books for a full semester and then try to gooble down the whole thing in a month. But still,my cbse education has given me an unchangeable habit of not being able to cram until I actually understand it. I can never study the way a lot of my classmates do. They refer previous years' uni papers and then study accordingly-studying topic wise,not ladderstep wise,or even chapter wise for that matter. But it's just so cumbersome-how can people do it! But they say,it saves time and earns more marks.I dunno..I'm not very fond experimenting when I know it is a crass way to do it.
Just a month to go,to top it there will be a reunion in mid-may. And if I as much as utter exams,the taunts would follow even on my death bed!
Holy mother of lord-I'm screwed! :(

first time voter!!

Just voted!!! It was so amazing :) I can't keep my eyes off the little ink dot,which is no less than a beauty spot at the moment. :)
The EVM system makes it pretty easy to vote. Now,I actually feel a responsible part of the democracy.
The only regret I have (I never stop cribbing,do I? :D) is about the way my name is spelled in the voter's card- Nilajanna Basu :(. Why can't people get the spelling right? Is it that a difficult name? The way my name gets butchered time and again has led me to serious contemplation of changing it.Nilanjana,Nilanajana,Neelanjaana,Neelaambari,Neelanjali,Neelgagana (and the last three are not even spelling errors!!!). I guess it is a silly,long name.

But it doesn't matter.As long as my voting right is enshrined by Indian constitution,I don't care what am I called.I'd be happy being called aam junta. At the end of the day I'm not voting as Neelanjana,I am voting as an Indian. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

those were the days

Today was great.I was very flustered at the beginning of the day due to...some reason.But I feel sooo gooooood now :).I talked to Uttara for almost an hour this evening and to Debanshu for another hour just now.Two hours of school talks,which implies two hours full of undiluted laughter!! :) I am in such a jovial mood now..tra la la la :):):)
God! every time I talk to school people,I can't wipe that grin off my face for at least a day :)Debanshu was a classmate for twelve years.Most of us in the class had sticked around since first class.We've all actually grown up together,so it goes without saying what an amazing comfort zone all of us have.We still chatter like school kids at our reunions..about how Nair mam fell off her chair (:D),how Vishakha's dad came to school to register a complaint against Jagdale mam,how apurva had asked ruba if she was a boy or a girl(wtf! :D),about that infamous Verma mam's incident in 9th,about how everybody was paired up and subsequently how Mita mam said-"your class, it seems is very romantic"(:P),how our stupid the music classes used to be,how we used to sulk at the prospect of mass pt,how Gautam sir used to crack his poor jokes and the boys pretended to laugh their guts off,how we used to be sorted in four houses,how we used to practice like mad for those cca activities..ok i gotta stop.If I keep typing about my class,I'll probably take up all the cyber space! I loved my class,class people.I know everybody does, but then I'm sorry to declare that no class could have possibly been as amazing as ours was.We were the best class in this whole wide world :).I am so thankful to god that I was destined to meet these people.Such vivid memories! School life rocked big time-I get so elated reminiscing those moments that I don't even feel bad that college life sucks by the same magnitude.But I am not going to talk about college or college people when I'm in such a good mood. Uttara was not a classmate.She was a senior at school.But because we lived in the same colony and also because we used to share an amazing rapport with our seniors I address her and all of her class people with the hindi pronoun tu ( which my friends would say is a very big deal-coming from me, as I am an extremely pro-formal person).Nobody...nobody can crack PJs like Uttara does god..oh..god :D. Me,Uttara and Palla had actually contemplated to lanch a PJ magazine back in those days.It was so much fun,sharing silly jokes,making up sillier jokes.I remember those b'day parties where she was asked to entertain people with her jokes and I was invariably asked to mimic all the teachers..and I used to graciously oblige :P. The way I,uttara and chinky used to go for our regular rounds of walk,the way we used to share the minutest of details(we still do-only now on phone),the way all three of us had a crush on the same guy(yes yes I finally admit,I did like him for some goddamn reason :D),the way we had come up with code names(hahahahaha!!)-It was all so tremendously magical. Where are those days gone? Lost the bend of life.Growing up is painful.Teenage was beautiful.School days were...the english vocabulary is failing me.Let's just say,it would be my dying wish to relive those days again..:)

ps: Two posts in a single,I'm addicted to blogging! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bad,brat whatever.

nayan tarse...nayan tarse...taras na mile...nayan tarse!!
chinky had been pestering me for so long to listen to it,and now that i finally did an hour back,i am so totally captivated by it!! I was captivated by abhay deol in dev d too( who wasn't!). Such characters are fascinating in real life also. I mean..of course everybody wants to be with a decent, aadarsh guy for a lifetime.But, such bad boys are the ultimate fantasy males.They have a dark kind of sex appeal.They're all burly meat shops-ready to be bitten off :P.They are the pampered princes of their money spinner dads without whom the hit-and-run cases would have lost their persistence.They are oh-so-offensive..almost lacerating and rakish to the last drop of their blood with incorrigible habits.They have the most flamboyant lifestyles.Live lives on the fast lane with their posh sports cars, glitzy parties with plenty of booze,drugs and sex- like a raw pig in an ostentatious world.But still such rawness can do wild things to female hormones :p
Oh,only if I could put up with the concept of one night stands,I'd have loved to have a fling with one of them.But boring and banal as I am, with my pro-committment opinions ,I've never had and will never have a proclivity for doing it. Shame!

ps: The child in my is taking a choco-bar break,and a horny twenty year old has come to fill in her place for a while :D. But koi na,she'll be back soon :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


"The trouble with life is that it doesn't have any background music"- anonymous.

I respectfully disagree! I have music playing inside my head all the time :) At any given instant I sing-vocally or not,that's a different issue.Even as I write I'm listening to a song called: wish you were here-mentioning the legendary band would of course be abysmally foolish :D

I've been like this ab initio.My mother informs me that the first full fledged song that I sung was- "Imli ka buta,beri ka ped"(Saudaagar) :D. I have no memory whatsoever of this baby attempt at music( that too bollywood music..arrr!!).But it sounds convincing though.One because mamma says so :) .And two because I have a faint memory of not using the pronoun I (or aami,as it is said in bengali) as a toddler.I always used my name instead. Jhimli jol khaabe(jhimli will drink water),jhimli ekhon khelbe (jhimli will play now) etc.So now,my logical deduction says that the probable reason for singing this song would have been the fact that my nickname jhimli and imli are almost homophonous.And children have a knack of picking up homophonous words speedily.I might've even sung jhimli ka buta..i don't know!! :P

Anyway I am diverging from the topic (something my english teacher often complained of;my mother still does :P).Music forms the most intergral part of all of our lives.But because it is so funadamentally entrenched in the cosmos,we sometimes don't take any notice of it. I have seen such superficiality,such ostentation when in comes to music. I had arrived at a conclusion long back,that in this world of plasticity one is considered dull and dumb unless one listens to the music of reknowned musicians/bands.And this happens more so in cyber world."Oh gawd! you don't listen to justin timberlake?". vaise,I do-but it's ok if someone doesn't.It's not an offence.As a consequence of such narrow-mindedness people generally tend to listen to international music just for the heck of it.I did it too.I am not proud of it,but then eventually I started liking it anyway :)

But can music be entitled to the connoisseurs of music only? Isn't it for everybody? I hate musical reality shows.The concept of pitching one's music against another is so sick.Music cannot be judged. It cannot be rated.It cannot be compared.It can only be shared.

It is not restricted to musicians,bands,singers.One doesn't need lavish i-pods,blaring music systems or cheap radios made in lal darwaja(but printed: made in china) to listen to music.It is omnipresent.The tune a blowing zephyr brings in our mind,is music.The sound the raindrops make while falling on a pavement,is music.The chirping of birds in a lazy morning,is music.The mooing of a cow,is music.The way an infant tries to string various syllables together,is music.The way our maid servant manjuben hums in gujarati while dusting,is music.The way the little begger girls sing pardesi pardesi on railway platforms for collecting money,is music.The splashing noise that the sea waves make before flushing my mud heap with initials N.B etched upon it(which I call my castle),is music.The way school children beat their tables in rhythm as if playing tablas during recess,is music.The sound the ceiling fan makes when we sit under it after a long sunny day,is music.The ticking of the clock as we wait for someone special,is music. The way the half naked, covered-in-rags,destitude children near the railway tracks mimic the chhuk chhuk sound of the train because they can't travel in them,is music.The way the hawker who shouts out loud selling goods for a few dried up rotis with salt,is music.The way we use la la la na na hm hm hm when we tend to forget the lyrics,is music.The way the baansuri waala plays serenely under the shade of banyan tree in may heat,is music.The way I found myself letting out an exhilarated woo-hoo! as the cool wind caressed my face when I paraglided for the first time,was music. The morning prayers is music.The sound of jangling bangles while the women hastily fix food in the mornings,is music.The way our hearts play a thousand violins when we see a beloved,is music.The divine chants uttered during tying two souls into a holy matrimony,is music.

Music is all-encompassing,all pervading,all transcending.Every atom resonates with music.All we need to do,is to stop being self-engrossed for a while and search for it within ourselves.And we'll hear it-reverberating in the universe.As a bollywood movie song: Awaara bhanvare hums- jeevan sangeet suno :)

Even moods and feelings can be described in terms of music. The feeling I've been having at these days is kinda queer.It's similar to the same feeling I get when after a lot of pining, all of a sudden my favorite song finally plays on the fm station-but,it's the last paragraph of the song.I get happy that I got to listen to it,but I wish I'd turned on the radio a few minutes earlier.

ps: I am currently singing the nursery rhyme- doe a dear,a female dear.. :)

pps:I am ten year old,trapped inside the body of twenty year old. :D :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

today's chronicle

Will the last day of college ever come??? I am so totally worn out.And also a little annoyed with my friends. I tend to message my classmates about every teeny-weeny thing/information I get,even when I know that they already know! But somehow the whole lot of them not only forgot to inform me that we're supposed to get the certificates stamped today itself,but also had the most obvious excuse up their sleeves-"We thought you already knew".Arre!! For future reference I am NOT calirvoyant!Now I'll have to go again on tuesday just to get two carbon imprints of hod's signature.And because I informed the remaining ones(who like me were uninformed) as soon as I got to know,they brought it from home immediately(who comes to college on time after all!) which means I'll be all alone..ohh it so totally sucks :x

Our juniors have formed a society called junoon. It's some kind of social service group.They were carrying out a clothes-donation-campaign today.I was happy to contribute :) I had very meticulously set up a reminder on my cell,so that I don't forget to take the clothes with me.Anyway, they got a very generous response.All the boxes were so full of clothes that they had to keep plenty of bags on floor.
I have noticed that I now use the reminder feature of my cell very often.And the funny thing is,every time I set up a reminder I end up remembering it without it's aid :D. Like yesterday,I had set up three reminders at 9 a.m for kanika's b'day in three different cells,but I called her around 12 a.m anyway :D
And inspite of all my peevishness at not being taken to ccd by my friends yesterday,and my empty claims of going there with or without company-I didn't go there today as well.Bhoomi and I were hungering after some yummy drinks with fancy and yet abstruse italian and french names. But Priyal is recuperating from her illness,and it would have been really tactless on our parts to not take the person who is almost a regular customer in most of the highfalutin food-joints across the length and breadth of the city :D :D (as I've said,birds of a feather :D)

Well,I don't have much to do as of now.Maybe,will read the book that chinky has lent me.White tiger-Arvind Adiga.And even though it has won the bookers prize this year,it appears boring.Chinky has alreay slammed it with her harsh criticism-and yet she's forcibly making me read it!! bolo,kya bolneka ab :D

ps: I really wish to meet my ex-classmate divya menon-nee nair :) I hope kuchh plan bane.
pps: I have noticed I use a lot of post scripts :P

Thursday, April 23, 2009

daily grumbles

Well it turned out that the the last submission wasn't the last one after all. Due to the lax course of action of some people,we'll have to go again tomorrow,and maybe some other day as well to get back the feels like a punishment to travel in such a sweltering weather :(

In the meanwhile,I am undergoing an emotional upheaval. I mean,how oblivious can a person be? It is so obvious! how much more of a fool am I suppose to make of myself?
world full of retards..huh! :x

And I am definitely gonna go to ccd tomorrow-with or without company! I still can't believe what happened today.How my rather gluttonous friends bullied me into stop going there and literally dragged me to kabir instead,absolutely quelling my tantrums ("I am not hungry,I am thirsty!).

gosh! I am becoming such a complain mistress.. :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

daily mishmash

And yet another day in college gets over!Now just a day left for the term-ending. I don't why but for some reason,I'm feeling really bad about the sem-end this time. This was never the case till now.Infact,my spirits used to rise exponentially as the end of the semester approached...But this time it's different. And my failure to figure out the reason for such a sinking,desolate feeling is driving me mad! No amount of introspection is working.This too is new to me.I think I'm going mad...

Today was okayish( yes I'm aware that's no word but chalta hain). Got two files submitted today. Nehal ma'am deferred ec's submission because..well she has the authority to do so! Gave an impromptu viva-very unfair!! considering the fact we'll be having external vivas from this semester,and we have been forewarned that those people are ruthless!

Satyendra sir (more commonly known as Desai sir) asked me where were pressure relief or safety valves used.Of course,he said my casual answers (geysers,boilers) were 'not what he was looking for', because then he couldn't have said- "You being a lady,should know where it is used". Yeah,that was too much of a giveaway-"Pressure cookers",I answered-rather coldly. I mean..why? why are all girls thought to be cooks by default.huh! I don't cook..I can't actually! More questions on compressors followed,which were pretty ok.

A'bad is scorching these days. I'm losing apetite.All I desire these days is plenty of fluids to quench my insatiable thirst.My body is so full of fizzy drinks of late,that very soon it won't be incorrect to say that there's too much blood in my carbondioxide system. But I'm trying to switch over to milder options.Tried out two new drinks yesterday:lmn and seven up-nimboo.Both were good.No drink suits summer more than lemonade!
Yesterday Varsha,Vrunda and Priyanka had a hard time coaxing me to try a glass of sugarcane juice(Varsha used an unfamiliar word for sugarcane-shirdi or sherdi..aisa kuchh) with zero success .But I can't help it.I have an aversion for street food/drinks! I can never have drinks from stalls with rickety,rusty machines,unclean glasses,contaminated water.I can never eat paani-puris from roadside stalls the way my friends do.All I can see is those filthy nails plummeting into an equally filthy water. My friends hate me for this-for being such a killjoy (taunts ranging from-haan haan tu toh badi memsaheb hain,tujhe kaha ye sab pasand aayega to- frooti toh peele yaar,yeh achhi company mein banta hain, are directed at me). ho-ho-hold it! I'm sorry for being hygienic! But wait,that doesn't make me any less of a paani-puri lover.I just want the water to be mineral and the guy making them to wear clean,non-toxic gloves.That's it. As for sugarcane juice,I don't like it anyway.
But I think I've become terribly unhygienic after coming to college.I tried out ice gola once (but not from a street shop :)),priyanka and varsha(again!) had once, by ruse got me into eating sabarmati jail's pakodaas at rto.I thought it was delectable (but only till I was oblivious to the most hideously dirty frying vessel ever-the kind that can give my mum sleepless nights :D!).I've now also chucked the customary bisleri/aquafina and bartered them for more economical substitutes-yes pouches :D
I sometimes miss my older self.The days when I had cleaner and healthier food habits.

Last submission tomorrow. Hope it gets over soon.

ps: Man! I talk way too much :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm glad it's back :)

This song by Madonna enthralled me in my early teens (for reasons i refrain from mentioning here).I used to sing it all the time! And then one day it abruptly got out of my mind. But it has made a re-entry in my life since some time. I'm humming this after a hiatus of five years or so ( for reasons mystically unknown to me-but i have a hunch).
Surprisingly i've remembered the lyrics all along!

Swaying room as the music starts,
Strangers making most of the dark,
Two by two their bodies become one.

I see you through the smoky air,
Can't you feel the weight of my stare?
You're so close but still a world away,
What I'm dying to say,is that:

I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true,
I never wanted anyone like this,
It's all brand'll feel it in my kiss:
I'm crazy for you! crazy for you!

Trying hard to control my heart,
I walk over to where you are,
Eye to eye we need no words at all.

Slowly now we begin to move,
Every breath I'm deeper into you,
Soon we two are standing still in time,
If you read my mind,you'll see:

I am crazy for you,
Touch me once and you'll know it's true,
I never wanted anyone like this,
It's all brand new,you'll feel it in my kiss:
I am crazy for you! crazy for you!

It's all brand new-I'm crazy for you,
And you know it's true,
I'm crazy crazy for you.
It's all brand new-I'm crazy for you,
And you know it's true,
I'm crazy crazy for you.

Maybe,it's just one of those transitional things and not The Real thing( I dunno)...but whatever be the case-I'm just glad the song's back in my life :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

eschew obfuscation

I don't know if Murphy was my hubby in the past life. He just doesn't leave me alone!! The more I try to crawl near a conclusion,the more he pushes me back to square one. There should some uncertainity element in life-agreed,but what does one do when there is a supefluity of uncertainities?

I am very frustrated today...actually that would be an understatement.I am livid with anger. Yes,it is anger for sure. I am sick of mixed signals. I wish i were psychic.

ps: Why such a fancy title? Because this is what i do when i am angry..I use complicated,irrelevant words and chew bubblegum.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

men and their machinery

"No,no it's a fact. Women can never steer a car with one hand,whereas men do it all the time! And there is a psychological reason to explain why. The thing is, women can never imagine the automobile to be an extended part of themselves.They can never feel the mechanism of the machinery as if it were their own body's mechanism." said Ashish sir in his usual deep,booming voice. This was in response to the exasperated expressions I and zalak were giving when a simple,straight question related to BMW's headquarters went off track-and kept on getting more and more sidetracked! I mean,it's just another question in the gk class,discuss it and move ahead.What is the need of going into the technicalities? And even if you do so,continuously discussing it for ten full minutes is more than enough! So when half a dozen guys and a sir decided to vociferously scrutinize the engine efficiency,average,the body design ,draw comparisions with other models was natural that the two girls sitting there felt alienated. That was when sir noticed it and asked the guys to stop-"The ladies are getting bored. Women don't like discussing cars". zalak got somewhat indignant on hearing this and as a knee-jerk reaction cried back- "that's not true,i drive my car with one hand". I, on the other hand distinctly muttered-"all this is male chauvinism,sir!".Sir just smiled,and carried on with the remaining of the handout.

Although I said it was chauvinism, I honestly don't care whether or not this one is.Who cares!! I can never really understand this two-facedness of male psyche. Going on a shopping spree is a manifestation of the materialism, but caressing a non-living automobile like your child,purchased solely to quench your materialistic desires is suddenly a gesture similar to fatherhood!
I remember how once we got stranded in torrential rains, somewhere in bopal while visiting one of my father's colleague. The car got stuck in a muck,the raindrops felt more like pellets,the thundering was getting louder by second.Mother said to leave behind the car, go to their house on foot ( the car had screeched to halt some 50 meters from their house gate),wait for the downpour to stop and then come back and try to pull it out. Father said-"No". "Why on the earth?" argued my mother (she hates getting wet)."I can't leave the car uncovered and unsheltered in such an incessant rain" replied my father,the genuine concern in his voice quite conspicuous! Anyway,i suggested that as the thunderstorm was getting deadlier we're better off inside the car because even if, in the worst case it strikes the charge would anyway reside on the surface of the metallic body( gauss's law,nai kya?). Yeah,so eventually things got fine but i can never forget my father's car-saving conduct.
Lessons from life have also taught me to avoid wandering anywhere near the following topics while talking to guys lest you should get bored to death:
A) Bikes ( Oh,those goddamn bikes!! the most irksome of all! I, at times suspect,that they're fully aware of our apathy but yet fulfill their sadistic pleasures by blabbering away anyway).
B) Gadgets (oh no! i love gadgets myself, but while talking guys have this uncanny ability of reducing a magnificent gadget into a boring, futile circuitry of active/passive elements.)
Hmm..but on a hypocritical note (apologies!), men are better off this way-the natural way, than being pesky,soap-opera loving,non-sporty,gadget-despising nancy boys anyway :D (i actually know two such guys..bleeeyuck!). As for dealing with the over-the-board enthusiasm with men's machinery (which as i've reiterated inflicts hazzaar boredom),we'll learn to put up with it-hopefully :)
ps: desai sir doesn't steer his car with one hand. :D :P
pps:bhatt sir does! he did it for minutes together when he dropped me home once :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

technoaspire,friends etc.

One of the things i like about college events is the fact that it has the ability of burgeoning your networking if you can use it to your advantage. And even if you don't,you at least can enjoy meeting people from different colleges,and more often than not your own college people too!(that of course depends on how sociable one is).After all there are so many students in college,it is not possible to have social contacts with all!But i've seen, like minded people,who hitherto were unknown to each other bond really well over these few days.

As for me,everytime such events happen,i discover and rediscover that i am innately gregarious.Infact i think,it is our prerogative-to be sociable.There is nothing better than talking to different people,mixing with them.Yesterday,i spent almost the entire day in the company of strangers,and i loved it!Sometimes it is so much better than being with a known set of people.I met two ex-KVian girls and a guy who too have been taught by both Sanyukta sharma mam(oh! what a gem of a teacher :)) and Vinyan mam.Our teacher talks never end :D. I also met a very interesting character...haha..what a guy!i met first of his kind- self proclaimed alpha male,ultra competetive,overtly and rather unabshedly conceited of his knowledge(even though i hate to acknowledge it,but yes i do think he was very very knowledgeable),total narcissist(here also i admit, for a very valid reason).and it is so obvious that such guys are prescribed male chauvinists,which is why i was very happy to beat him-twice! :)

And even though i say,i was more than happy to undergo some really enriching brainstorming gd sessions with such adept guys,those were the easiest five hundred bucks that i made :)

All in all a good day...but..(there's always a but;i am an incessantly crabby person,am i not?) could have been a lot better if i could help not pining for the presence of a few people :(

chalo koi nai..happens.anyway,i and priyal had a great time after the event,during the dj night.we shook our legs a little bit but then since neither of us felt like dancing anymore we sat on the f1 racing track,bullied nishant into buying us drinks(:D) and gossiped like mad!! :) .vaise toh we gossip a lot as such but that's mostly on phone.,such one-to-one bitching sessions are rare,and that too loud enough to be conveniently audible to the entire canteen!(but then maddeningly loud music always helps :P).I admire this girl a lot.We are very much the birds of the same feather:very amiable,very sociable and least diplomatic.I absolutely acknowledge the fact that the world can not be classified into black and white alone and that there are multiple shades of grey too,but then at times things can be so much simplified by just not changing one's stance and sticking by one thing.priyal thinks so too.I was so pleasantly impressed ,when she informed me that she's going to be in the core comittee,no matter what.all this,considering the fact that desai sir(oh yes yes,i do remember i owe him a post :D) is so stingent when it comes to anything extra-curricular.the man hates it when people as much as think of lingering anywhere else except for the labs.this was the main reason why most of us refrained from entering the manegerial committee,but priye did.and not only she became the event manager(case study-which btw was very successful),but she also was the first one to submit her project! i applaud her :)

anyway,so after we had filled each other with all the updates,we drove off.priyal took a long route(no matter what she says,i know it's not a short cut!), dropped me off at shivranjani.and then i took an auto to home.that's it! end of the day.we'll be having our submissions from monday.just a week to go,for this sem to end!

ps: i forgot to mention in the last post that i finally did complete my sketchbook and also got it signed from daddu-who for once didn't pinpoint any mistakes. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

in a jiffy!

It is so unfair that one can't type with the same speed with which one the past two days so much has happened of which i'd like to keep a record..but alas! i keep forgetting!and now with this blog thing,i am all the more hell bent to remember if something offbeat or even humdrum occurs,i make a mental note to put it up in the blog,so that maybe ten years down the line,i won't have to put in almost two months' worth of effort only to remember that my friends in college call me neelu( and i do NOT like this name).it's all about preventing our memories from dwindling away with time.past,present or fututre,it's still mine.and i love it! which is why i'm always going to keep the pages of my diary updated:) (for some reason..i keep calling this thing a diary instead of a blog.)
I am hell tired today.I had been roaming about in the college throughout the day,taking part in whatever on the spot events i could(oh,it's techfest season of the year again!).i took part in four,qualified for the further rounds in three( quiz was never my cuppa,my gk sucks! :D).and tomorrow's going to be such a hotchpotch..i know it! the organisation is so messed up.last year's fest was loads better.
now,because my father asked for the comp for the fifth time in the last hour(i am very stubborn,am i not?) i'll have to end this post here.but before doing so,i should list down all those thoughts that have been flooding out of my mind of late.i am just setting a reminder for myself to contemplate/discuss/dissect these matters in the posts that would follow.
-desai sir.
-people in amts buses.
-why i opine the guys in my class are trash.
-school life :)
-college life.
-friends,somewhat friends,almost friends,acquaintances.
-some random grumbles.
-some random gratitudes.
-my favorite teachers.
-my stringent nature-sign manias.
-how people butcher my existing name and provide with even horrible ones.
-daily chronicles
plenty of stuff coming up :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random happenings of a regular day

I had vowed i won't romance the keyboard untill i finish my sketchbook,but since the stupid thing is maddening me,here i am!

i had a great day project finally got submitted :) i know it is not a national jubilation.but considering the copious amounts of changes desai sir(let me get some time,i'll devote en entire post or two describing him :D) was demanding every time we went to him,i had actually stopped hoping that we would be able to meet the deadline.but we did,and thankfully this time he thought so too..tra la la la la :)

today's anu's birthday.i don't know how must it feel to have a birthday coinciding with a public holiday.if i was still in school,i'd have said-horrible!pitiful! who doesn't want to celebrate her birthday in a place as lovely and precious as school,and that too amongst people you value the most as your friends!which is precisely why i always celebrated my birthdays at school whenever i could (only if sundays were not holidays..),i don't know if can say that now.i loved my school,school life,school friends,school teachers immensely :).and i still do,i am still crazy about anything that has to do with my school..wish i could say the same for college life too..sigh.. anyway,we'll go to nukkad today evening for anu's treat where according to chinky-" hum toh kheench ke khayenge" :D

last night we(me,anu chinky;for future reference, we,9 out of 10 times would always mean me,anu and chinky) went for our regular rounds of walk and as usual started talking about the thing that we recurrently,almost mandatorily discuss-why are we still single? it has become such a run of the mill subject of discussion,that i don't even feel like recounting it here.and i won't.what however is worth recounting is the thing that anu said.she said that-"we promise that from now onwards we would never again crib about our single status,because no matter what we have really fulfilling and happy lives".we gave her an affirmative nod,fully aware that inspite of this promise when we meet the next evening we'll again snivel about the same stuff..hehe..hum nahi sudhrenge! :D.However i must say,that out of the three of us i am the most flaky in regard with this issue.both of them, for reasons known only to them, always impeach me of hiding my personal life from them.they say either i'm having a clandestine affair,or my sexual orientation is dubious(ftw!!).but is it such a big offence to not have end-to-end crushes?i honestly don't care(no,the grapes are NOT sour!) and the reason is definitely not what chinky accuses me of.according to her,i have ridiculously high standards! but the truth is,i don't have any standards at all!! simply because i've never taken the pain of chalking out standards.oh! how supeciliously(forgive me for the seeming smug demeanor) i look down upon those people who in a rather tactless way try to ennumerate the 'qualities' they'd want in their partners(he should be smart,intelligent,very mannish,dependable,humorous,caring..blah blah;she should be drop dead gorgeous,lady-like..erm..i actually don't know what an average,insipid guy's yearnings are).but the point is,isn't love supposed to be instinctive and unconditional? time will only tell.

as for now,i've cheated the time long's almost 1:30 and i still haven't bathed(and yet i am surprisingly fresh:) )

ps: happy birthday to anu :) and also happy baba ambedkar jayanti!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

stupid submissions

Best ways to squander time- orkut(once in a blue moon facebook too),phone,smses,tv,youtube,radio,reading fokat ka books at crossword,shopping(real/window) etc.

Worst way to kill(as squander,waste and all the related synonyms would way to underrepresent this one) time- submissions!

For the lucky people,who have not been misfortunate enough to be subjected to the trauma of this abominable system,i'll throw some light on the procedure of this inferno.For those who are victims like me-well so what if we can't change it,we can still lash out at it at! submissions basically is way devised by the university(GU) to tell it's students-"hey,we don't actually care whether or not have you learnt anything in this semester but because we have a fixation for chronicles,we want to have a record of your work".The college seconds university's opinion,reflects for a moment and adds-"and also,we have perennial dearth of rough pages,so it would be really nice on your part if you provide us with some.
So,decision made.We are going to give away some banal,crappy tutorials which will make sure that these unruly,slothful kids spend chunks of their leisure time scribbling away.and lengthy..make it lengthy to ensure we get more number of pages after these get submitted(read:flung away).But wait,do we sound unfair?No way! We are righteous people and so we will give you a lot of liberties.We would not mind(or be able to find out) if you copy it from someone else instead of doing it yourself.Erroneous language is totally acceptable(chalega nahi daudega),so don't worry if you have copied down-the process variable is increases,or spelled acquisition in data acquisition system as acquicition.totally acceptable.don't worry if you don't do it till the last hour.just get the file signed on the submission day-we're flexible!If you don't wanna do it at all-no issues,get your friends on the work because even though we can smell and tell what's on menu at iit-gn's canteen above,our handwriting discrimination power sucks.Go ahead,do whatever you want,in whatever way you want.All we are asking for is a properly assembled file that we can check and then give the pastiwallahs some bread to earn".
Conclusion: Submissions = hell down under-in Hell
ps: doesn't matter how much i whine,i still have to go back and complete my instrumentation system's sketchbook:36cm*27cm,10 pages-back and front with stencils :(
son of a bitch :x

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The great indian bird superstition.

One for sorrow,two for joy,

Three for letter,four for boy,

Five for silver,six for gold,

And seven for a secret,

That was never told!!!

We had memorized these couple of lines,back in school days to instantly predict how our day is going to be if we happened to see any number of them.but wait..who am i talking about? Mainas or Mynas as they're spelled in english. Dark brownish birds with yellow beaks,yellow marks beneath their eyes,and a horrible screeching voice which can wake you up from the deepest of slumbers within a few seconds (even when two of your alarm clocks,your cellphone alarm,your mum's cellphone alarm,your dad's cellphone alarm,your mum,and dad collectively fail to stir you up!). Apparently these birds are more than the avis alarms that the nature has provided us with.They are foretellers of our daily fortune!Oh,but the has to be wary of the numbers, for with each number of bird one sees,a different fortune is fated. If you see one,you're gonna have a bad day,if you see two a joyful one and so our adolescence,we were most interested in seeing a group of four(four for boy :p) which would mean,we would have a good day romantically( here,all romantically means is that perhaps our crushes would compliment us,or maybe we'd get to spend some quality time,flirt around...we have trifle needs,nahi kya? :D) ,a group of seven was like a serendipity( secrets..secrets..we live for them!). i really don't remember,who got me into this myna fortune stuff,but whosoever did,did a permanent job because i don't seem to get rid of it even after much trials.

This fortune telling business is not restricted to mynas alone.Parrots in indian tradition are considered to be clairvoyant.Every indian,must have seen or heard abou parrot astrology where a parrot in a cage picks up a card for you that tells you about your fortune.Any logical person would rubbish it.mathematicians may say it all depends upon probability,ornithologists may say it depends upon the metabolic rate of the bird,that it is more energetic in the mornings and the energy level fizzes out by the evening.All said and done,the fact remains is that people believe in it-thousands of them do.I doubt if these many people even spare a second to notice that the bird that is prophesying for them is caged.

Let us go ahead to owls! the most intelligent of all. And for Harry Potter freaks like me,the most favorite of all birds :). I remember my didun ( maternal grandmum) saying how auspicious it is to view a snowy white owl(..hedwig..sob.. :( ) and how equally inauspicious it is to view a black one.The white one is of goddess lakshmi herself-which is a sign of glory,prosperity,happiness,blissful marital life,opulence.And the black one signifies death,depravity,despodency,hopelessness,disaster,tragedy.I ruminate why.racism in birds too?I never questioned her on this.I know,even if i'd done i wouldn't have gotten a convincing answer as she clearly has by hearted the old wives' tales.besides i don't like interrupting her when she narrates those fabulous fables :)

The innocuous pigeons too have not being spared.Just the other day when mansi and i were soldering together at my place,she was sickened at the sight of pigeons flying in and out of my room through the balcony all the time. According to her pigeons are never and should be never allowed inside the house as they bring disharmony and sufferring("yaar,kabootaro ko andar nahi aane dena chahiye,ghar mein dukh aata hain" she educated me). I was left to ponder why.Aren't pigeons supposed to be messengers of peace, symbols of harmony?

But no superstition regarding birds is perhaps bigger than the one related to peacock feathers.I say so because,it is pretty widespread not only in indian culture but in foreign cultures too.Some call it old wives' tales,others earnestly believe that plumes of the king of the birds can disastrously shatter a house even if it is placed at the doorstep,let alone bringing inside. They say the numerous eyes patterned on a peacock feather makes us liable of evil eyes being casted upon us..uff..I really don't understand why is indian culture so contradictory.On one hand we idolize lord Krishna who sticks a peacock feather in his crown,we tell mythological tales to children about lord Indra who sits on a peacock throne,lord kartik who rides a peacock and on the other hand we scream frantically at the sight of their feathery souvenirs. Personally,i feel that the peacock feathers scattered on the ground after a rain dance are testimonies of love that emanates from the nature,and also peacocks dancing away spreading their feathers to woo peahens remind us of the sweet things guys can do to please girls :)

Well,the bottomline of this rather lenghty post is that-can't we just once let birds be birds and not good or bad would we feel if the entire bird kingdom classifies us humans into auspicious and inauspicious? So,the only things birds can do and we can't is not giving off premonitions-it's flying people!

ps: as for me,i need some help in rooting out the maina fallacy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

virtual world,real lives.

As i was flipping my scrapbook just now,i saw my first ever scrap dated 6/6/06 (haha..!! now,how wicked a co-incidence is this :D) by palla saying 'bey dofi,you're already on orkut.somebody must have made the profile for you'! Which i believe is true because my homepage shows that i've been around since feb' 06! The scrap by palla was in response to something that i'd said to her on that very day when we'd met at a reception.I said, "bey palla,i think mujhe tera invitation mila hain,to join something called otter( for harry potter readers,otter is hermione's patronus,for everyone else,it's a fish eating mammal,with long body,thick fur and webbed feet).ye kya hain?
Three years ago i didn't know what orkut was,i also didn't know that what started off as a lackadaisical attempt to join a certain social networking site,would result in such an incorrigible addiction! I'm addicted.I admit it.But not all addictions are detrimental,this one definitely is not.Ok,maybe it didn't change my life altogether but it brought about some significant changes,which i would unfold by degrees ;)
I have observed that the most fascinating sides of human nature,the intricacies of their fantasies are unveiled in this virtual world.i know guys,who in real life can't even as much as blink in a girl's direction,send scraps like "hey good-looking,what's cooking?" to host of girls .Or people who are single to the last drop of their blood, oscillating their relationship status between single and committed just to advertise value ;) .From the people who join iron maiden's community despite the fact that the only english song that they might have heard is titanic's theme song,to the people who claim to wear just branded stuff..(i need to check if levi strauss has shifted his store to municipal market area or nehrunagar cirle!)-one finds them all. suddenly guys become more macho(passions: bikes,river rafting,paragliding,rifle-shooting,bungee jumping..oh really?),girls become more syrupy( i am a very simple,homely girl with great values and big dreams..bah!),idles become workaholics,classmates who behave like strangers for some reason want you to be in their friend list,people who shirk away from talking face to face send you sugar coated's a crazy crazy world out can either call it superficial or you can call it genuine,it's a matter of perception.i choose to call it the latter.yes,true that people lie about themselves a bit(a lot in some cases!) in their profiles.True that they're not what they appear to be,true that it's all a charade.But what is also true is the fact that maybe people are not what they write,but they want to be everything that they write.real life heroes,ultra successful ,intriguing,womanizers, coquettes,thriving,hep,torch bearers,cool,loaded,centre of the universe.let's face it..every human soul,all of us, need attention all the time(dunno,why we leos only are blamed for it!).and this is a place where people can get all the necessary attention, (or bhaav,as we call it here),even undue ones.The reason being,it gets so much simpler to impress people when you're doing it with a lot of preparation, and no pressure of standing up to someone's expectations.It boosts confidence..yeah totally! It makes people happy because even if their real lives suck,they're just a click away from their dream lives. The unseen net amigos often turn out to loads better than the kind of crowd one hangs out with. I,at least have made some really good friends in orkut,and have found equally good friends in the people i was extremely formal,it can't be that bad,this addiction,can it be?yes,it kills away a lot of time but then at the end of the day,if i go sleep with a smile on my face,i'm happy :)
And let's not forget the curiosity factor.All of us,i think are genetically modelled to be curious.Haven't we at some point of time logged in only to check somebody else's profile,updates,pics etc? Don't we browse profiles after profiles just to see a reply that a certain somebody posted?Don't we know at least one person in such sites who doesn't know us.Don't we scan people's communities to get a better insight into them?Don't we read stuff that doesn't concern us at all? Do we not spy upon our ex-classmates/collegemates?
I know,i make it sound like,we're all a bunch of wannabes who want to wallow in their self weaved,we're not(at least most of us aren't).we are just normal humans,and therefore are abnormal and insatiable in our demands from life.Thoda hain,thode ki zarurat hain,yeh zindagi phir bhi yahaan,khubsoorat hain :)

ps: what about the significant changes in my life? well..i guess i'll write it as a new post-maybe!! :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the lost art of writing?

sample these:
xyz : hy,h r u?vl u be abl 2 cm 2 d mvis wid us?
me: i am fine!how about you?i am sorry re,i am preoccupied.won't be able to come.
xyz :wtf yr! @lst try 2 cm 4 sm's mah trt....
me: nahi ho payega yaar,sorry! and congratulations once again!:)
xyz: nxt tym vl dfntly mt up....n thnx...

xyz: w r u? v r @ k blk cm fst....
me: yeah,i'll be there in a few moments.

xyz: did u c hs pic?lol! lmao!rotfl!
me:i know! it's hilarious :D

xyz: hy,lstn,
me:goodnight! sleep tight! and don't let the bugs bite! :)

i am not trying to highlight my intact,untainted language here(ok..maybe a little bit :p),but mostly i am trying to point out the rather despoiled versions most of the people around us subscribe to.i was utterly baffled,when i was subjected to such sms/cyber jargons for the very first time.and my exasperation still continues.only now,i am used to comprehend such argots,abbreviations( read:brutally butchered words).what is beyond me,is the reason for such an unfair usage of a language.those who practice it,defend it by arguing that such a lingo saves both time and money.i say,'oh really!' how many nanoseconds a person is going to save by typing cm instead of come,or 2 instead of to? and the most inane of all are laughter slangs how many actually are laughing out loud when they type 'lol'?or 'rolling on the floor laughing' while typing rotfl?( forgive me,but i somewhat like this one :)) and they're definitely not laughing their asses off,even when they text in lmao.
any language should be allowed to evolve,else it'll die out.all languages evolve with time,which is a very natural and good thing..but come off it!one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this isn't's deterioration! even as i type,thousands of net-lingo savvy are keying aways stuff like brb,gal etc.the good thing is,that all those people who are well-aquainted with with such vernaculars might find themselves at a very good position,as far as modern day tête-à-tête is concerned.but then one can't be sure,as people don't tend to get enough of it! every instant a new net slang is fashioned and i've known all along that gtg stands for got to go,which is why i was left to ponder what gtgp could possibly mean,when a chat friend used it.turned out that it means exactly what it sounds like:gtg-pee!
now,because i am fed up of running over the full forms of the slangs in my head every time one mentions it(which happens to be pretty often),i am going to catalog it,right here,right now and see,how much of this crazy lingo have i imbibed!
in alphabetical order:
AFK/ASAP- away from keyboard/as soon as possible
BFN/BRB/BTW- bye for now/be right back/by the way
CYA- c ya around
DIY/DND- do it yourself/do not disturb
FTW/FYI- reverse of wtf(!!)/for you information
GAL/GGAL/GN/GTG/GTGP- get a life/go get a life/goodnight/got to go/got to go pee (!!)
HF-have fun
IMAO/IMHO- in my arrogant opinion/in my humble opinion
LMAO/LOL- laughing my ass off/laugh out loud
OMG-oh my god
ROTFL-rolling on the floor laughing
SD/SLAP-sweet dreams/sounds like a plan ( :) )
TC/TTYL/TY- take care/talk o you later/thank you
WTF/WTH-what the fuck/what the hell

woah! i guess,i am not that a dud in this lingo ! which means,i'll be able to slaughter the language as much as i like.except,i won't :)
peace out!

Monday, April 6, 2009


ok,enough of philosophical and literary stuff.this blog is tantamount to a personal diary(except that,it is largely public!)..and personal diaries are supposed to store all kinds of accounts-even quotidian too,was a regular up around eight,browsed the newspapers,bathed,breakfasted..blah blah.went out with friends around five(i would like to point out that it is important to kick up your heels on sunday evenings,if you want to beat the monday morning blues-which btw never fail to show up :( ).it was pre-planned to go to a certain place called mr.beans,whose chic ambience,chinky vouched for.however,because the weather was rather sexy (apparently,these days any flattering adjective can be replaced by the word sexy),we(shobhit and sudeep would say this is debatable,if they happen to read it) decided to take a walk alongside the street shops at law garden.and no matter,how much those two claim it was a window shopping,it wasn't because chinks got bangles,and i harem pants.the most remarkable event was shobhit buying us(just imagine!) chana-zor-garam.i don't eat street food as such but it was yummy!and because the soap-bubble maker invoked the kids in us,we couldn't help not buying 'em :) .so,we walked and finally reached mr.beans,and also got ourselves a room,as promised by someone ;) (pun intended;though i doubt anyone outside the involved people would be able to grasp it). ordered hukkaah(bloody expensive!) along with other calorific,pocket-pinching delicacies.there were,three smokes in all-two amateurs,one professional(aunty refrained from taking a shot,and was somehow more interested in video-recording,which btw he sucks at :D ).now because i've put a small incident as the title of the post,i ought to explain why.simply because it was my first time :) i know,it's no big a deal,considering the fact that hukkaah is a paappad these days,but so what!it still was my first time,and as a first-timer i think i puffed pretty well (this again is debatable :p).so,basically we ate,drank(even chinky's horrible soda drink).puffed,watched a brawl..oh,yeah..that too was rowdily sexy(again the same 'in' jargon) :D,talked to karn(talk about perfect timing!),and gave shobhit some chance to try out his photography/videography skills,without much success though :D.we then drove away to vastrapur,to have some coco owing to our insatiable gluttony.bas, then we came back.i showed mum the soap-bubble maker-and the way she blows those bubbles-phew!i'd never again be able to claim my superiority over her in blowing bubble-gums! oh,did i mention,that i conveniently forgot to tell her about the hukkaah stunt? :D.but in my defence,a single,twenty year old needs some zing in her life!
rotfl moment of the day:
we enter the smoking chamber hazed with thick rings of smoke and chinky says-wah! sudeep toh jaise apne ghar hi aa gaya! :D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's a satirical world!

I love satires! Not only because a satire is supposed to be funny,but also because of it's strong vein of irony.satires definitely serve more purposes than plain humour,they point out follies of a corrupt system sarcastically,attack it vehemently,give people a reality check so that things can be improved.a perfect example of -'pen is mightier than sword' ...only with some panache! so,
moving ahead,this poem below,written by Vikram Seth was in our tenth class depicts two segments of humans. one is the nightingale-naive,innocent,talented,easy to influence and manipulate.the other is the frog-vicious,jealous,calculative,manipulative.even as we look around,it won't be too difficult to categorize the world into frogs and nightingales alone.unfortunately for the human race there are more number of frogs than nightingales-people who try to demean others,mudslingers,tyrants,oppressors.. you see them everywhere,all the time! it is sad,it really is.but maybe the solution lies in chalking out a third category.i'll call them astute nightingales,who as the nefarious frog says in the end,have a radical knowledge of the fact that -come what may,your song must be your own! in hope of dodging scheming people in our lives ahead,here's the poem!

The Frog And The Nightingale- Vikram Seth
Once upon a time a frog
Croaked away in Bingle Bog
Every night from dusk to dawn
He croaked awn and awn and awn
Other creatures loathed his voice,
But, alas, they had no choice,
And the crass cacophony
Blared out from the sumac tree
At whose foot the frog each night
Minstrelled on till morning night

Neither stones nor prayers nor sticks.
Insults or complaints or bricks
Stilled the frogs determination
To display his heart's elation.
But one night a nightingale
In the moonlight cold and pale
Perched upon the sumac tree
Casting forth her melody
Dumbstruck sat the gaping frog
And the whole admiring bog

Stared towards the sumac, rapt,
And, when she had ended, clapped,
Ducks had swum and herons waded
To her as she serenaded
And a solitary loon
Wept, beneath the summer moon.
Toads and teals and tiddlers, captured
By her voice, cheered on, enraptured:
“Bravo!” “Too divine!” “Encore!”
So the nightingale once more,
Quite unused to such applause,
Sang till dawn without a pause.

Next night when the Nightingale
Shook her head and twitched her tail,
Closed an eye and fluffed a wing
And had cleared her throat to sing
She was startled by a croak.
“Sorry – was that you who spoke?”
She enquired when the frog
Hopped towards her from the bog.
“Yes,” the frog replied. “You see,
I'm the frog who owns this tree
In this bog I've long been known
For my splendid baritone
And, of course, I wield my pen
For Bog Trumpet now and then”

“Did you… did you like my song?”
“Not too bad – but far too long.
The technique was fine of course,
But it lacked a certain force”.
“Oh!” the nightingale confessed.
Greatly flattered and impressed
That a critic of such note
Had discussed her art and throat:
“I don't think the song's divine.
But – oh, well – at least it's mine”.

“That's not much to boast about”.
Said the heartless frog. “Without
Proper training such as I-
And few others can supply.
You'll remain a mere beginner.
But with me you'll be a winner”
“Dearest frog”, the nightingale
Breathed: “This is a fairy tale –
And you are Mozart in disguise
Come to earth before my eyes”.

“Well I charge a modest fee.”
“Oh!” “But it won't hurt, you'll see”
Now the nightingale inspired,
Flushed with confidence, and fired
With both art and adoration,
Sang – and was a huge sensation.
Animals for miles around
Flocked towards the magic sound,
And the frog with great precision
Counted heads and charged admission.

Though next morning it was raining,
He began her vocal training.
“But I can't sing in this weather”
“Come my dear – we'll sing together.
Just put on your scarf and sash,
Koo-oh-ah! ko-ash! ko-ash!”
So the frog and nightingale
Journeyed up and down the scale
For six hours, till she was shivering
and her voice was hoarse and quivering.

Though subdued and sleep deprived,
In the night her throat revived,
And the sumac tree was bowed,
With a breathless, titled crowd:
Owl of Sandwich, Duck of Kent,Mallard and Milady Trent,
Martin Cardinal Mephisto,
And the Coot of Monte Cristo,
Ladies with tiaras glittering
In the interval sat twittering –
And the frog observed them glitter
With a joy both sweet and bitter.

Every day the frog who'd sold her
Songs for silver tried to scold her:
“You must practice even longer
Till your voice, like mine grows stronger.
In the second song last night
You got nervous in mid-flight.
And, my dear, lay on more trills:
Audiences enjoy such frills.
You must make your public happier:
Give them something sharper snappier
.We must aim for better billings.
You still owe me sixty shillings.”

Day by day the nightingale
Grew more sorrowful and pale.
Night on night her tired song
Zipped and trilled and bounced along,
Till the birds and beasts grew tired
At a voice so uninspired
And the ticket office gross
Crashed, and she grew more morose -
For her ears were now addicted
To applause quite unrestricted,
And to sing into the night
All alone gave no delight.

Now the frog puffed up with rage.
“Brainless bird – you're on the stage –
Use your wits and follow fashion.
Puff your lungs out with your passion.”
Trembling, terrified to fail,
Blind with tears, the nightingale
Heard him out in silence, tried,
Puffed up, burst a vein, and died.

Said the frog: “I tried to teach her,
But she was a stupid creature –
Far too nervous, far too tense.
Far too prone to influence.
Well, poor bird – she should have known
That your song must be your own.
That's why I sing with panache:
“Koo-oh-ah! ko-ash! ko-ash!”
And the foghorn of the frog
Blared unrivalled through the bog.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

girl power

even though the title seems to orchestrate about women emancipation and isn't quite so.a couple of days ago i happened to read an article in dna-after hours by koel purie about the comfort of having gal pals for best friends.i couldn't have agreed more! i really pity those girls who say they don't have a single girl friend and gloat extraneously of having guys as their best's really's not that i doubt any boy's ability as far as friendship is concerned.infact guys are the best when it comes to stay in touch, contrary to girls who tend to fall apart,they're definitely more dependable,more available,more liberated,more frolicsome..but yet there are certain needs of the feminine mind that only a fellow female can fulfill.only girl pals would be, not only interested in knowing how exactly did the guy i have crush on smiled at me,but will also help me dissect the exact meaning of that smile.only they'll suggest me retail therapy as the perfect solution of beating the distress caused by workload.only they'll hurl insults(read:bitch about) at people they don't even know,just because they're tormenting me.only they'll tell me to draw a line or to make a move.only they'll throw a melody-centre fruit-mango bite-party for me because my viva went well.only they'll come on an eleven o'clock walk with me because i wish to talk to them.only they'll convince me that the world is full of possibilities and also warn me of the stingy people who lurk around in here,only they'll tell me off for wearing something that doesn't suit me before i strut around in it publicly,only they'll discuss body basics as comfortably as discussing roadies.they'll scold,they'll praise,they'll nag,they'll teach,they'll lead,they'll protect,they'll gossip,they'll alleviate all worries.maybe they'll not be around always,girls generally don't,but they'll always come around.i know it.and that exactly is the comfort of having girls as best friends.
thank god,i have chinky and anu in my life :)

serendipity i am blogging-finally! i have lost count of the number of bloggers suggesting me,a number of times to venture this area.but somehow,i always kept deferring it.blogging is a heavy duty job,very high maintenance-is what i kept saying to myself.and knowing me,on some levels i thought that,by degrees as the studies get progressively strenuous,this baby will get neglected.not that i've rubbished such thoughts entirely,i still think that might happen,but i am here anyway :)
the thing is,it is very important to pen down(key away) one's thoughts.more important than one thinks.when i look back at those childhood diaries,those innocent ink and paper manifestations of my ecstacy at boarding my first flight,or my description of a day out with friends,things as small as watching a movie,as big as board exams,i've written them all.but over the years,i have felt that these overabundance of thoughts, emotions need to be captured and stacked in an organized way so that it becomes easier to reminisce past and blogs can cater to this and many more needs(or so i have been told!). i hope to have a good time here,i really do :)
this might also be the right time to explain the reason behind the choice of the blog's name.well serendipity happens to be my favorite word in the entire english language(i don't claim to know all the words,but i like this the best amongst whatever little i do know).serendipity is good fortune,or the faculty of discovering good fortunes accidentally.and i think,even though we wait throughout our lives for such a thing to happen,we never realize it is one of those things that keeps happening every is unfair at times..oh yeah,it totally is, but then things also tend to get many times have we found ourselves in situations where we never intended to be in the first place,we hate to be there,we curse our fate,without knowing that the serendipity of life,of cosmos is working relentlessly to make us happier,showering good fortune all the time.i have made some wonderful friends in places i absolutely detested to be,but i met them because i was ordained to meet them.just as twelve hours ago i didn't know i am going to create a blog of my own,i was casually browsing as always,determined to never be bitten by the blog bug,but i just happed to follow a blog link,ended up at blogspot,and impulsively thought of giving it a shot!this wasn't a chance happening, things happen for a is not a bed of roses but it keeps giving us our shares of good fortunes,serendipities all the time! :)