Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bad,brat whatever.

nayan tarse...nayan tarse...taras na mile...nayan tarse!!
chinky had been pestering me for so long to listen to it,and now that i finally did an hour back,i am so totally captivated by it!! I was captivated by abhay deol in dev d too( who wasn't!). Such characters are fascinating in real life also. I mean..of course everybody wants to be with a decent, aadarsh guy for a lifetime.But, such bad boys are the ultimate fantasy males.They have a dark kind of sex appeal.They're all burly meat shops-ready to be bitten off :P.They are the pampered princes of their money spinner dads without whom the hit-and-run cases would have lost their persistence.They are oh-so-offensive..almost lacerating and rakish to the last drop of their blood with incorrigible habits.They have the most flamboyant lifestyles.Live lives on the fast lane with their posh sports cars, glitzy parties with plenty of booze,drugs and sex- like a raw pig in an ostentatious world.But still such rawness can do wild things to female hormones :p
Oh,only if I could put up with the concept of one night stands,I'd have loved to have a fling with one of them.But boring and banal as I am, with my pro-committment opinions ,I've never had and will never have a proclivity for doing it. Shame!

ps: The child in my is taking a choco-bar break,and a horny twenty year old has come to fill in her place for a while :D. But koi na,she'll be back soon :)