Thursday, January 14, 2010

title-less :D

The limitless vastness of my terrace sky,
a morning sky suffused with blue.
The wisp of clouds scudding by,
greeting the cheerful kites that flew.

Up goes my lucky orange kite,
cast into the sky with a beginner's care.
encouraged by the wind and the radiant sunlight,
glides buoyantly, proudly, in the mellow air.

Soon it ascents like a poetry in motion,
to it's own realm, to where it belongs.
And kisses high heaven with a lover's emotion,
with the gushing air singing reuniting songs.

Does the coloured kite soar like a happy heart?
Or the happy heart soars like a coloured kite?
How should I describe the romance of sky and kite?
Should I play the melodic music of Mozart?
or simply cantillate a silly poem that I write!


kaushal said...

Simply Awesome!!!

neelanjana said...

Thank you :)
I'm open to suggestions for the title!