Friday, May 15, 2009

a journey called life

Today's daily horoscope in the newspaper got me into serious contemplation...and I've finally made a decision. It's hard. It's not good,but it's for the best because it's absolutely correct.
Being a rationalist, I always tend to search for reasons for each single happening. Why did this happen? What was the reason for that? It could've not happened but because it did,it must have some kind of significance.But tell you what...sometimes it's better to chuck this rationalist mentality and embrace things in life without bombarding series of questions. The "Everything happens for a reason" adage is human made after all which makes it totally liable to exceptions.
There are so many people one meets in the course of life.Some who have supreme relevance,some irrelevant,some who at some point of time we thought were relevant but they didn't quite turn out to be so. I have often ruminated about the significance of every single person that I've met. Did I meet them just like that,for no particular reason or was I ordained to meet them? In both cases-if yes,then why;if no,then why? As an answer to my own myriad end-to-end questionings I've kinda thought of an arbit model of life's journey-one of those crazy metaphysical speculations.
The way I imagine it,it is very complex in the broader picture.Like a maze with infinite dimensions,infinite labyrinths,infinite start points,infinite end points.All start points are connected-It is called birth.All end points are connected-It is called death. I dunno if I can convincingly describe the way I visualize it.But the narrower picture is better,simpler and more comprehensible.Roads- long,endless roads with zillions of diversions.A bend here,a bend there.Roads that are smooth at some places,tortuous at others.Paths that are brightly lit,cheery.Paths that are dark and depressing.Paths where you flounce,paths where you trudge,paths where you run,paths where you simply walk.
Everyone has a pre-decided path. When you start, some people start with you. They walk till their bend comes,and then they walk in their own paths. There're some people you don't really care went away,some you're happy are gone elsewhere,some you wish had stayed longer with you and some you absolutely don't want to let go but you can't because they've got to trace their own paths. And you can't tag along because that path doesn't take you to the destination you're ordained to reach. There are also people you keep bumping into time and again. This too,might or might not have a significance. Mostly,you start it with different people and you end it with different people. The end people might be as relevant or as irrelevant as the start people.
We're born at one extreme,we walk till the other extreme- to die. Some die,some end,some perish and some transcend to the higher world. Some might say we get finished in the end,some say we get complete. Finish and complete-to many it means the same,to some these are two drastically different things. Perception matters. But is it end or beginning? I don't know.I haven't reached there. I'm too ignorant,too illusioned,too delusioned-but I'm not the only one,so it's ok. Now what about the people we meet? Well..we meet all of them-nice,not so nice,okayish,forgettable,horrible,vivid.But we must not seek the reason behind meeting them. When you're on a journey,you're bound to meet co-travellers.That's them.As simple as that. Everything need not happen for a reason, we might not meet everyone for a reason. And if one is a staunch rationalist,we can reason this too. Good things(/people) happen to give us momentary happiness ,bad things(/people) happen to make us appreciate the small packages of happiness. And then there are also things(/people) that happen out of the blues,all of a sudden to spark up our banal lives,to remind us that we need to be happy, but then end abruptly-Well so what! We got the spark, we wanted.It made us happy..why complain then! Everything happens for perpetual happiness :)
I just love this title track of an old tv series- Who's the boss? I've been humming it for I don't know how many years now!
There's more in life than what you've lived,
Take a chance and face the wind.
An open road and a road that's hidden,
Brand new life around the bend.
There were times when I lost a dream or two,
Found the trail and at the end were you.
There's a path you take and path not taken,
The choice is up to you my friend.
The nights are long but we're on our way.
To a brand new life,brand new life,
Brand new life around the bend!
So long! :)


kaushal said...

I just cannot keep my eyes off this- read this over almost twice- although in a bit of a hurry!!!
It almost seems like me blogging... and I guess such things pop into the mind only at times when the mind is supposed to work a lot-i.e. when we really sit down an wrestle with our books :)
And- as I said, I have a similar perspective, but if I try posting it, I shall be so deeply engrossed that i'd lose track of everything else...
P.S. Looking forward to the conversations after the exams :)and the project seems like it's running- finally.