Saturday, April 18, 2009

technoaspire,friends etc.

One of the things i like about college events is the fact that it has the ability of burgeoning your networking if you can use it to your advantage. And even if you don't,you at least can enjoy meeting people from different colleges,and more often than not your own college people too!(that of course depends on how sociable one is).After all there are so many students in college,it is not possible to have social contacts with all!But i've seen, like minded people,who hitherto were unknown to each other bond really well over these few days.

As for me,everytime such events happen,i discover and rediscover that i am innately gregarious.Infact i think,it is our prerogative-to be sociable.There is nothing better than talking to different people,mixing with them.Yesterday,i spent almost the entire day in the company of strangers,and i loved it!Sometimes it is so much better than being with a known set of people.I met two ex-KVian girls and a guy who too have been taught by both Sanyukta sharma mam(oh! what a gem of a teacher :)) and Vinyan mam.Our teacher talks never end :D. I also met a very interesting character...haha..what a guy!i met first of his kind- self proclaimed alpha male,ultra competetive,overtly and rather unabshedly conceited of his knowledge(even though i hate to acknowledge it,but yes i do think he was very very knowledgeable),total narcissist(here also i admit, for a very valid reason).and it is so obvious that such guys are prescribed male chauvinists,which is why i was very happy to beat him-twice! :)

And even though i say,i was more than happy to undergo some really enriching brainstorming gd sessions with such adept guys,those were the easiest five hundred bucks that i made :)

All in all a good day...but..(there's always a but;i am an incessantly crabby person,am i not?) could have been a lot better if i could help not pining for the presence of a few people :(

chalo koi nai..happens.anyway,i and priyal had a great time after the event,during the dj night.we shook our legs a little bit but then since neither of us felt like dancing anymore we sat on the f1 racing track,bullied nishant into buying us drinks(:D) and gossiped like mad!! :) .vaise toh we gossip a lot as such but that's mostly on phone.,such one-to-one bitching sessions are rare,and that too loud enough to be conveniently audible to the entire canteen!(but then maddeningly loud music always helps :P).I admire this girl a lot.We are very much the birds of the same feather:very amiable,very sociable and least diplomatic.I absolutely acknowledge the fact that the world can not be classified into black and white alone and that there are multiple shades of grey too,but then at times things can be so much simplified by just not changing one's stance and sticking by one thing.priyal thinks so too.I was so pleasantly impressed ,when she informed me that she's going to be in the core comittee,no matter what.all this,considering the fact that desai sir(oh yes yes,i do remember i owe him a post :D) is so stingent when it comes to anything extra-curricular.the man hates it when people as much as think of lingering anywhere else except for the labs.this was the main reason why most of us refrained from entering the manegerial committee,but priye did.and not only she became the event manager(case study-which btw was very successful),but she also was the first one to submit her project! i applaud her :)

anyway,so after we had filled each other with all the updates,we drove off.priyal took a long route(no matter what she says,i know it's not a short cut!), dropped me off at shivranjani.and then i took an auto to home.that's it! end of the day.we'll be having our submissions from monday.just a week to go,for this sem to end!

ps: i forgot to mention in the last post that i finally did complete my sketchbook and also got it signed from daddu-who for once didn't pinpoint any mistakes. :)


kaushal said...

Daddu- ROFLMAO- I soo liked it- This has kinda become his unofficial nomenclature...
Good that you enjoyed technoaspire- I didn't :)

neelanjana said...

hmm..saying that i enjoyed it would be an was more of a trying-to-make-the-most-of-what-you-have thing.i enjoyed it last year though :) for multiple reasons...huh..fourth sem was easily my best sem till date.
as for daddu,i've always thought of him(in a parallel line of thought,of course) as a very doting grandpa.and i think he is one.why i think so is unexplainable-you can call it a woman's instinct :)