Thursday, April 23, 2009

daily grumbles

Well it turned out that the the last submission wasn't the last one after all. Due to the lax course of action of some people,we'll have to go again tomorrow,and maybe some other day as well to get back the feels like a punishment to travel in such a sweltering weather :(

In the meanwhile,I am undergoing an emotional upheaval. I mean,how oblivious can a person be? It is so obvious! how much more of a fool am I suppose to make of myself?
world full of retards..huh! :x

And I am definitely gonna go to ccd tomorrow-with or without company! I still can't believe what happened today.How my rather gluttonous friends bullied me into stop going there and literally dragged me to kabir instead,absolutely quelling my tantrums ("I am not hungry,I am thirsty!).

gosh! I am becoming such a complain mistress.. :D


kaushal said...

Towards the end of my college, I now know that there's actually someone in my college who's pretty similar. :D
kabir isnt fun-i agree- and sometimes even the people with whom you're going are not fun either which makes it worse.

neelanjana said...

That is so true! But then one is too polite to bluntly say that on their faces.
Oh,I'll never forgive you for passing out a year earlier :D