Thursday, April 30, 2009

first time voter!!

Just voted!!! It was so amazing :) I can't keep my eyes off the little ink dot,which is no less than a beauty spot at the moment. :)
The EVM system makes it pretty easy to vote. Now,I actually feel a responsible part of the democracy.
The only regret I have (I never stop cribbing,do I? :D) is about the way my name is spelled in the voter's card- Nilajanna Basu :(. Why can't people get the spelling right? Is it that a difficult name? The way my name gets butchered time and again has led me to serious contemplation of changing it.Nilanjana,Nilanajana,Neelanjaana,Neelaambari,Neelanjali,Neelgagana (and the last three are not even spelling errors!!!). I guess it is a silly,long name.

But it doesn't matter.As long as my voting right is enshrined by Indian constitution,I don't care what am I called.I'd be happy being called aam junta. At the end of the day I'm not voting as Neelanjana,I am voting as an Indian. :)