Wednesday, April 22, 2009

daily mishmash

And yet another day in college gets over!Now just a day left for the term-ending. I don't why but for some reason,I'm feeling really bad about the sem-end this time. This was never the case till now.Infact,my spirits used to rise exponentially as the end of the semester approached...But this time it's different. And my failure to figure out the reason for such a sinking,desolate feeling is driving me mad! No amount of introspection is working.This too is new to me.I think I'm going mad...

Today was okayish( yes I'm aware that's no word but chalta hain). Got two files submitted today. Nehal ma'am deferred ec's submission because..well she has the authority to do so! Gave an impromptu viva-very unfair!! considering the fact we'll be having external vivas from this semester,and we have been forewarned that those people are ruthless!

Satyendra sir (more commonly known as Desai sir) asked me where were pressure relief or safety valves used.Of course,he said my casual answers (geysers,boilers) were 'not what he was looking for', because then he couldn't have said- "You being a lady,should know where it is used". Yeah,that was too much of a giveaway-"Pressure cookers",I answered-rather coldly. I mean..why? why are all girls thought to be cooks by default.huh! I don't cook..I can't actually! More questions on compressors followed,which were pretty ok.

A'bad is scorching these days. I'm losing apetite.All I desire these days is plenty of fluids to quench my insatiable thirst.My body is so full of fizzy drinks of late,that very soon it won't be incorrect to say that there's too much blood in my carbondioxide system. But I'm trying to switch over to milder options.Tried out two new drinks yesterday:lmn and seven up-nimboo.Both were good.No drink suits summer more than lemonade!
Yesterday Varsha,Vrunda and Priyanka had a hard time coaxing me to try a glass of sugarcane juice(Varsha used an unfamiliar word for sugarcane-shirdi or sherdi..aisa kuchh) with zero success .But I can't help it.I have an aversion for street food/drinks! I can never have drinks from stalls with rickety,rusty machines,unclean glasses,contaminated water.I can never eat paani-puris from roadside stalls the way my friends do.All I can see is those filthy nails plummeting into an equally filthy water. My friends hate me for this-for being such a killjoy (taunts ranging from-haan haan tu toh badi memsaheb hain,tujhe kaha ye sab pasand aayega to- frooti toh peele yaar,yeh achhi company mein banta hain, are directed at me). ho-ho-hold it! I'm sorry for being hygienic! But wait,that doesn't make me any less of a paani-puri lover.I just want the water to be mineral and the guy making them to wear clean,non-toxic gloves.That's it. As for sugarcane juice,I don't like it anyway.
But I think I've become terribly unhygienic after coming to college.I tried out ice gola once (but not from a street shop :)),priyanka and varsha(again!) had once, by ruse got me into eating sabarmati jail's pakodaas at rto.I thought it was delectable (but only till I was oblivious to the most hideously dirty frying vessel ever-the kind that can give my mum sleepless nights :D!).I've now also chucked the customary bisleri/aquafina and bartered them for more economical substitutes-yes pouches :D
I sometimes miss my older self.The days when I had cleaner and healthier food habits.

Last submission tomorrow. Hope it gets over soon.

ps: Man! I talk way too much :)


kaushal said...

Similarity again- Ditto about the golas panipuris and 'sherdi no ras= sugarcane juice'I just cannot stand eating pakodis/panipuris outside the college in the unhygienic condition and I get similar taunts...coz I'm neither a big fan of pouches.
And coming to submissions- be glad you haven't had to face Hariyo and Jimit yet($#$^#$%#$^ indicates words indecent to be used when talking to ladies :D)
I'd dedicate one full post once I'm done with this..

neelanjana said...

Ohh..jimit talati!! ye kya yaad dila diya aapne!Only if you knew my views on him,you wouldn't have been hesitant about using the actual words.I don't approve of swear words as such but in some cases i make his case-liberal exceptions.I had a HUGE panga with him.bataaungi kabhi-in leisure time :)