Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random happenings of a regular day

I had vowed i won't romance the keyboard untill i finish my sketchbook,but since the stupid thing is maddening me,here i am!

i had a great day yesterday.my project finally got submitted :) i know it is not a national jubilation.but considering the copious amounts of changes desai sir(let me get some time,i'll devote en entire post or two describing him :D) was demanding every time we went to him,i had actually stopped hoping that we would be able to meet the deadline.but we did,and thankfully this time he thought so too..tra la la la la :)

today's anu's birthday.i don't know how must it feel to have a birthday coinciding with a public holiday.if i was still in school,i'd have said-horrible!pitiful! who doesn't want to celebrate her birthday in a place as lovely and precious as school,and that too amongst people you value the most as your friends!which is precisely why i always celebrated my birthdays at school whenever i could (only if sundays were not holidays..),i don't know if can say that now.i loved my school,school life,school friends,school teachers immensely :).and i still do,i am still crazy about anything that has to do with my school..wish i could say the same for college life too..sigh.. anyway,we'll go to nukkad today evening for anu's treat where according to chinky-" hum toh kheench ke khayenge" :D

last night we(me,anu chinky;for future reference, we,9 out of 10 times would always mean me,anu and chinky) went for our regular rounds of walk and as usual started talking about the thing that we recurrently,almost mandatorily discuss-why are we still single? it has become such a run of the mill subject of discussion,that i don't even feel like recounting it here.and i won't.what however is worth recounting is the thing that anu said.she said that-"we promise that from now onwards we would never again crib about our single status,because no matter what we have really fulfilling and happy lives".we gave her an affirmative nod,fully aware that inspite of this promise when we meet the next evening we'll again snivel about the same stuff..hehe..hum nahi sudhrenge! :D.However i must say,that out of the three of us i am the most flaky in regard with this issue.both of them, for reasons known only to them, always impeach me of hiding my personal life from them.they say either i'm having a clandestine affair,or my sexual orientation is dubious(ftw!!).but is it such a big offence to not have end-to-end crushes?i honestly don't care(no,the grapes are NOT sour!) and the reason is definitely not what chinky accuses me of.according to her,i have ridiculously high standards! but the truth is,i don't have any standards at all!! simply because i've never taken the pain of chalking out standards.oh! how supeciliously(forgive me for the seeming smug demeanor) i look down upon those people who in a rather tactless way try to ennumerate the 'qualities' they'd want in their partners(he should be smart,intelligent,very mannish,dependable,humorous,caring..blah blah;she should be drop dead gorgeous,lady-like..erm..i actually don't know what an average,insipid guy's yearnings are).but the point is,isn't love supposed to be instinctive and unconditional? time will only tell.

as for now,i've cheated the time long enough.it's almost 1:30 and i still haven't bathed(and yet i am surprisingly fresh:) )

ps: happy birthday to anu :) and also happy baba ambedkar jayanti!


kaushal said...

It seems you're completely hooked to blogging!! Great going :)
A humble request- I also would like to contribute to any further posts u dedicate on desai sir :D :D
And- I can give you some great inputs :P on his eccentricities as well

neelanjana said...

oh sure you can give me great inputs on desai sir.you have a very good impression on him.did you know that? he has actually discussed with me the cerebral capabilities of almost a dozen from your class..and the rest he,brushed his hand in the air,and said in a rather patronizing manner-"don't have any knowledge of any sort".

kaushal said...

whoa whoa- I'm so happy.. I never knew this part of the story that Mr. SND has some kind of a good impression about me :P
But, I must admit- You deserve a treat for this :D

Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

i m reading ... i m enjoying.. i m anxiously waiting for more :)


(anything more will be waste of words)

neelanjana said...

you think so?i think so too-i so totally do :)

i never find you online at gtalk these days!!aakhir aisa kyun???

kaushal said...

treat-time :) when you meet me in college with my files signed and my wheelchair running :D

neelanjana said...

wheelchair? :o

priyal said...

hey,even i m ready to post comment on Desai sir..so much i mean too much to tell u guys...i know u know most of that but still..neelu..ab bana de yaar unpe bhi...