Saturday, April 4, 2009

girl power

even though the title seems to orchestrate about women emancipation and isn't quite so.a couple of days ago i happened to read an article in dna-after hours by koel purie about the comfort of having gal pals for best friends.i couldn't have agreed more! i really pity those girls who say they don't have a single girl friend and gloat extraneously of having guys as their best's really's not that i doubt any boy's ability as far as friendship is concerned.infact guys are the best when it comes to stay in touch, contrary to girls who tend to fall apart,they're definitely more dependable,more available,more liberated,more frolicsome..but yet there are certain needs of the feminine mind that only a fellow female can fulfill.only girl pals would be, not only interested in knowing how exactly did the guy i have crush on smiled at me,but will also help me dissect the exact meaning of that smile.only they'll suggest me retail therapy as the perfect solution of beating the distress caused by workload.only they'll hurl insults(read:bitch about) at people they don't even know,just because they're tormenting me.only they'll tell me to draw a line or to make a move.only they'll throw a melody-centre fruit-mango bite-party for me because my viva went well.only they'll come on an eleven o'clock walk with me because i wish to talk to them.only they'll convince me that the world is full of possibilities and also warn me of the stingy people who lurk around in here,only they'll tell me off for wearing something that doesn't suit me before i strut around in it publicly,only they'll discuss body basics as comfortably as discussing roadies.they'll scold,they'll praise,they'll nag,they'll teach,they'll lead,they'll protect,they'll gossip,they'll alleviate all worries.maybe they'll not be around always,girls generally don't,but they'll always come around.i know it.and that exactly is the comfort of having girls as best friends.
thank god,i have chinky and anu in my life :)


Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

wohooo ...


Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

aaah.. shit.. forgot to leave a comment.. good to see that you are blogging .. nice nice..

this article u wrote.. really really honest eh .. but u maybe surprised to know, guys do talk abt the same things (SOMETIMES, AND YES WE HATE TO ADMIT IT, AND I DIDNT SAY THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS WRITING THIS POST INSTEAD OF ME)

gonna bookmark this one for sure :)

take care ... and raacckkk aaaannn :)

neelanjana said...

i never knew guys talk about these things as well.honestly!!

Tanmay said...

Too generalized.