Monday, April 6, 2009


ok,enough of philosophical and literary stuff.this blog is tantamount to a personal diary(except that,it is largely public!)..and personal diaries are supposed to store all kinds of accounts-even quotidian too,was a regular up around eight,browsed the newspapers,bathed,breakfasted..blah blah.went out with friends around five(i would like to point out that it is important to kick up your heels on sunday evenings,if you want to beat the monday morning blues-which btw never fail to show up :( ).it was pre-planned to go to a certain place called mr.beans,whose chic ambience,chinky vouched for.however,because the weather was rather sexy (apparently,these days any flattering adjective can be replaced by the word sexy),we(shobhit and sudeep would say this is debatable,if they happen to read it) decided to take a walk alongside the street shops at law garden.and no matter,how much those two claim it was a window shopping,it wasn't because chinks got bangles,and i harem pants.the most remarkable event was shobhit buying us(just imagine!) chana-zor-garam.i don't eat street food as such but it was yummy!and because the soap-bubble maker invoked the kids in us,we couldn't help not buying 'em :) .so,we walked and finally reached mr.beans,and also got ourselves a room,as promised by someone ;) (pun intended;though i doubt anyone outside the involved people would be able to grasp it). ordered hukkaah(bloody expensive!) along with other calorific,pocket-pinching delicacies.there were,three smokes in all-two amateurs,one professional(aunty refrained from taking a shot,and was somehow more interested in video-recording,which btw he sucks at :D ).now because i've put a small incident as the title of the post,i ought to explain why.simply because it was my first time :) i know,it's no big a deal,considering the fact that hukkaah is a paappad these days,but so what!it still was my first time,and as a first-timer i think i puffed pretty well (this again is debatable :p).so,basically we ate,drank(even chinky's horrible soda drink).puffed,watched a brawl..oh,yeah..that too was rowdily sexy(again the same 'in' jargon) :D,talked to karn(talk about perfect timing!),and gave shobhit some chance to try out his photography/videography skills,without much success though :D.we then drove away to vastrapur,to have some coco owing to our insatiable gluttony.bas, then we came back.i showed mum the soap-bubble maker-and the way she blows those bubbles-phew!i'd never again be able to claim my superiority over her in blowing bubble-gums! oh,did i mention,that i conveniently forgot to tell her about the hukkaah stunt? :D.but in my defence,a single,twenty year old needs some zing in her life!
rotfl moment of the day:
we enter the smoking chamber hazed with thick rings of smoke and chinky says-wah! sudeep toh jaise apne ghar hi aa gaya! :D