Saturday, June 13, 2009

life's comical!

If there's one thing that strikes me every time I read Khushwant Singh's compilation of jokes, is the fact that all the while when we rummage around for 'good jokes' in joke books, comic strips, on the internet, radio (radio mirchi has an oddball joke reader called Sudarshan-"Oh,please call me Sud" :D), forwarded messages and a dozen other potential sources which help those lips to achieve and sustain that curve, we tend to overlook the real life comedies that keep happening around us all the time. Maybe because our mind is not quite receptive to it. We overlook it because we think,hey funny moments can be stumbled upon only in places that are most likely to be full of it. But once we start observing things and people around us,the laughing hyena tag might not be far away!

These are just three of the many random unanticipated hilarity that I came across in day to day life.

Once while standing in a queue at a billing counter in crossword, I happened to glance at the two books the man standing in front of me had purchased. He put the first one on the desk which was titled ' Conversations with God'. After the second one was placed I said to myself, "God surely is going to have a grueling time", for it was titled ' You can negotiate anything'. :)

This happened around a year ago. I had gone to the Bhaikaka bhavan for attending a workshop and as they were running a bit late on schedule I had to wait outside. After ten minutes had elapsed I got so bored that I decided to have a stroll in the garden nearby. But it was quite sunny so I dropped the idea of the saunter and sat silently in a shady bench near the entrance,observing the saplings, the hues of the flowers, butterflies, insects I don't know name of, etc. No sooner had I begun drinking the beauty of nature,came flouncing two beggar girls in their tattered chaniyaas. The elder one couldn't have been more than six and the younger one was probably three or four. They instantly got on to their regular jobs of dramatizing for scraping a few pennies . Their rather vehement performance told me( for I was unable to comprehend the brand of gujarati they spoke) that they were trying to pass off the younger one as a blind girl. The little one kept blinking her eyes in a sporadic manner and flapped her limbs in the air. There was no need for this performance actually.Those who know me also know that I don't think twice before giving alms( something that has often had people accusing me of encouraging social evil,but let us get back to it later on). Now, despite the fact that her acting was splendid,she was a little girl after all. For how much time can a child possibly keep fluttering her eyelids! She gave up and widely opened her eyes. Her sister elbowed her to resume it,but she just couldn't. But by that time I had doubled up with laughter,and then both of them joined in as well. Children make life so beautiful,and funny too! :)

Ok,this is a rather vulgar one( do I sense sudden alertness? :p)
I saw this guy at fun republic wearing a very funky pair of jeans. But I wasn't able to gauge the extent of funkiness until I passed by him. His tee was tucked in so that a clear view of the jeans would be possible. On the right side of his jeans,at the crotch level was printed the word 'Tom'. And on the left side,on the same level was written 'Harry' :P :P Any more elaboration would be inappropriate. If you get the joke good,if not better :D. Uttara laughed for a full five minutes after hearing this. I don't find it so funny now,but at the time this incident happened, I blushed scarlet,doubled my pace and walked away guffawing!

There's comedy and laughter in every walk,every step of life. I hope I encounter and recognize it more often. :)


kaushal said...

I've been laughing for 3 mins since I looked up the last paragraph.........
One person's 'cheapogiri' can be a good entertainment for another........ :D :D :D :D

abhishek said...

dats funny...even we have a movie on dis...anyways won't elaborate it further...

"samajhne waale saamjh naa saamjje wo annari hain...heheheh"