Sunday, April 12, 2009

stupid submissions

Best ways to squander time- orkut(once in a blue moon facebook too),phone,smses,tv,youtube,radio,reading fokat ka books at crossword,shopping(real/window) etc.

Worst way to kill(as squander,waste and all the related synonyms would way to underrepresent this one) time- submissions!

For the lucky people,who have not been misfortunate enough to be subjected to the trauma of this abominable system,i'll throw some light on the procedure of this inferno.For those who are victims like me-well so what if we can't change it,we can still lash out at it at! submissions basically is way devised by the university(GU) to tell it's students-"hey,we don't actually care whether or not have you learnt anything in this semester but because we have a fixation for chronicles,we want to have a record of your work".The college seconds university's opinion,reflects for a moment and adds-"and also,we have perennial dearth of rough pages,so it would be really nice on your part if you provide us with some.
So,decision made.We are going to give away some banal,crappy tutorials which will make sure that these unruly,slothful kids spend chunks of their leisure time scribbling away.and lengthy..make it lengthy to ensure we get more number of pages after these get submitted(read:flung away).But wait,do we sound unfair?No way! We are righteous people and so we will give you a lot of liberties.We would not mind(or be able to find out) if you copy it from someone else instead of doing it yourself.Erroneous language is totally acceptable(chalega nahi daudega),so don't worry if you have copied down-the process variable is increases,or spelled acquisition in data acquisition system as acquicition.totally acceptable.don't worry if you don't do it till the last hour.just get the file signed on the submission day-we're flexible!If you don't wanna do it at all-no issues,get your friends on the work because even though we can smell and tell what's on menu at iit-gn's canteen above,our handwriting discrimination power sucks.Go ahead,do whatever you want,in whatever way you want.All we are asking for is a properly assembled file that we can check and then give the pastiwallahs some bread to earn".
Conclusion: Submissions = hell down under-in Hell
ps: doesn't matter how much i whine,i still have to go back and complete my instrumentation system's sketchbook:36cm*27cm,10 pages-back and front with stencils :(
son of a bitch :x