Saturday, April 25, 2009


"The trouble with life is that it doesn't have any background music"- anonymous.

I respectfully disagree! I have music playing inside my head all the time :) At any given instant I sing-vocally or not,that's a different issue.Even as I write I'm listening to a song called: wish you were here-mentioning the legendary band would of course be abysmally foolish :D

I've been like this ab initio.My mother informs me that the first full fledged song that I sung was- "Imli ka buta,beri ka ped"(Saudaagar) :D. I have no memory whatsoever of this baby attempt at music( that too bollywood music..arrr!!).But it sounds convincing though.One because mamma says so :) .And two because I have a faint memory of not using the pronoun I (or aami,as it is said in bengali) as a toddler.I always used my name instead. Jhimli jol khaabe(jhimli will drink water),jhimli ekhon khelbe (jhimli will play now) etc.So now,my logical deduction says that the probable reason for singing this song would have been the fact that my nickname jhimli and imli are almost homophonous.And children have a knack of picking up homophonous words speedily.I might've even sung jhimli ka buta..i don't know!! :P

Anyway I am diverging from the topic (something my english teacher often complained of;my mother still does :P).Music forms the most intergral part of all of our lives.But because it is so funadamentally entrenched in the cosmos,we sometimes don't take any notice of it. I have seen such superficiality,such ostentation when in comes to music. I had arrived at a conclusion long back,that in this world of plasticity one is considered dull and dumb unless one listens to the music of reknowned musicians/bands.And this happens more so in cyber world."Oh gawd! you don't listen to justin timberlake?". vaise,I do-but it's ok if someone doesn't.It's not an offence.As a consequence of such narrow-mindedness people generally tend to listen to international music just for the heck of it.I did it too.I am not proud of it,but then eventually I started liking it anyway :)

But can music be entitled to the connoisseurs of music only? Isn't it for everybody? I hate musical reality shows.The concept of pitching one's music against another is so sick.Music cannot be judged. It cannot be rated.It cannot be compared.It can only be shared.

It is not restricted to musicians,bands,singers.One doesn't need lavish i-pods,blaring music systems or cheap radios made in lal darwaja(but printed: made in china) to listen to music.It is omnipresent.The tune a blowing zephyr brings in our mind,is music.The sound the raindrops make while falling on a pavement,is music.The chirping of birds in a lazy morning,is music.The mooing of a cow,is music.The way an infant tries to string various syllables together,is music.The way our maid servant manjuben hums in gujarati while dusting,is music.The way the little begger girls sing pardesi pardesi on railway platforms for collecting money,is music.The splashing noise that the sea waves make before flushing my mud heap with initials N.B etched upon it(which I call my castle),is music.The way school children beat their tables in rhythm as if playing tablas during recess,is music.The sound the ceiling fan makes when we sit under it after a long sunny day,is music.The ticking of the clock as we wait for someone special,is music. The way the half naked, covered-in-rags,destitude children near the railway tracks mimic the chhuk chhuk sound of the train because they can't travel in them,is music.The way the hawker who shouts out loud selling goods for a few dried up rotis with salt,is music.The way we use la la la na na hm hm hm when we tend to forget the lyrics,is music.The way the baansuri waala plays serenely under the shade of banyan tree in may heat,is music.The way I found myself letting out an exhilarated woo-hoo! as the cool wind caressed my face when I paraglided for the first time,was music. The morning prayers is music.The sound of jangling bangles while the women hastily fix food in the mornings,is music.The way our hearts play a thousand violins when we see a beloved,is music.The divine chants uttered during tying two souls into a holy matrimony,is music.

Music is all-encompassing,all pervading,all transcending.Every atom resonates with music.All we need to do,is to stop being self-engrossed for a while and search for it within ourselves.And we'll hear it-reverberating in the universe.As a bollywood movie song: Awaara bhanvare hums- jeevan sangeet suno :)

Even moods and feelings can be described in terms of music. The feeling I've been having at these days is kinda queer.It's similar to the same feeling I get when after a lot of pining, all of a sudden my favorite song finally plays on the fm station-but,it's the last paragraph of the song.I get happy that I got to listen to it,but I wish I'd turned on the radio a few minutes earlier.

ps: I am currently singing the nursery rhyme- doe a dear,a female dear.. :)

pps:I am ten year old,trapped inside the body of twenty year old. :D :D


Piyush said...

"The trouble with life is that it doesn't have any background music"

in some cases - only trouble with life is that it does have a very annoying background music :P

neelanjana said...

hahahahaha..very well said!!! :):)
long long long time,man! where had you been? how's life treating you?