Wednesday, April 29, 2009

those were the days

Today was great.I was very flustered at the beginning of the day due to...some reason.But I feel sooo gooooood now :).I talked to Uttara for almost an hour this evening and to Debanshu for another hour just now.Two hours of school talks,which implies two hours full of undiluted laughter!! :) I am in such a jovial mood now..tra la la la :):):)
God! every time I talk to school people,I can't wipe that grin off my face for at least a day :)Debanshu was a classmate for twelve years.Most of us in the class had sticked around since first class.We've all actually grown up together,so it goes without saying what an amazing comfort zone all of us have.We still chatter like school kids at our reunions..about how Nair mam fell off her chair (:D),how Vishakha's dad came to school to register a complaint against Jagdale mam,how apurva had asked ruba if she was a boy or a girl(wtf! :D),about that infamous Verma mam's incident in 9th,about how everybody was paired up and subsequently how Mita mam said-"your class, it seems is very romantic"(:P),how our stupid the music classes used to be,how we used to sulk at the prospect of mass pt,how Gautam sir used to crack his poor jokes and the boys pretended to laugh their guts off,how we used to be sorted in four houses,how we used to practice like mad for those cca activities..ok i gotta stop.If I keep typing about my class,I'll probably take up all the cyber space! I loved my class,class people.I know everybody does, but then I'm sorry to declare that no class could have possibly been as amazing as ours was.We were the best class in this whole wide world :).I am so thankful to god that I was destined to meet these people.Such vivid memories! School life rocked big time-I get so elated reminiscing those moments that I don't even feel bad that college life sucks by the same magnitude.But I am not going to talk about college or college people when I'm in such a good mood. Uttara was not a classmate.She was a senior at school.But because we lived in the same colony and also because we used to share an amazing rapport with our seniors I address her and all of her class people with the hindi pronoun tu ( which my friends would say is a very big deal-coming from me, as I am an extremely pro-formal person).Nobody...nobody can crack PJs like Uttara does god..oh..god :D. Me,Uttara and Palla had actually contemplated to lanch a PJ magazine back in those days.It was so much fun,sharing silly jokes,making up sillier jokes.I remember those b'day parties where she was asked to entertain people with her jokes and I was invariably asked to mimic all the teachers..and I used to graciously oblige :P. The way I,uttara and chinky used to go for our regular rounds of walk,the way we used to share the minutest of details(we still do-only now on phone),the way all three of us had a crush on the same guy(yes yes I finally admit,I did like him for some goddamn reason :D),the way we had come up with code names(hahahahaha!!)-It was all so tremendously magical. Where are those days gone? Lost the bend of life.Growing up is painful.Teenage was beautiful.School days were...the english vocabulary is failing me.Let's just say,it would be my dying wish to relive those days again..:)

ps: Two posts in a single,I'm addicted to blogging! :D