Thursday, April 30, 2009

back to the grind :(

Ok-enough of frolicking,enough of orkutting,enough of blogging,enough of monkeying around.Now it's time for some serious studies. I'm standing a month away from my uni exams with no idea,whatsoever,of what the monstrous syllabus consists of. The other day,as I was talking to my friend Bhoomi we were mutually in awe of our own capabilities. How we brave the act of completing a semester full of course in just a month of preparatory leave! This is not how I used to study in school.Back then the formula that worked was-a little bit of study everyday amounts up to a year full of erudition. And it was a pretty healthy practice.Maybe that's why I still remember about the Young's double split experiment, Rabi crops, Ogden Nash's poem,Artificial insemination, P-block elements,Adenine-Thymine; Guanine-Cytosine, Roops of a few words in sanskrit, Bahubrihi samaas..etc. It was the right way to learn. Not like what I do now. I do not open books for a full semester and then try to gooble down the whole thing in a month. But still,my cbse education has given me an unchangeable habit of not being able to cram until I actually understand it. I can never study the way a lot of my classmates do. They refer previous years' uni papers and then study accordingly-studying topic wise,not ladderstep wise,or even chapter wise for that matter. But it's just so cumbersome-how can people do it! But they say,it saves time and earns more marks.I dunno..I'm not very fond experimenting when I know it is a crass way to do it.
Just a month to go,to top it there will be a reunion in mid-may. And if I as much as utter exams,the taunts would follow even on my death bed!
Holy mother of lord-I'm screwed! :(