Sunday, April 19, 2009

men and their machinery

"No,no it's a fact. Women can never steer a car with one hand,whereas men do it all the time! And there is a psychological reason to explain why. The thing is, women can never imagine the automobile to be an extended part of themselves.They can never feel the mechanism of the machinery as if it were their own body's mechanism." said Ashish sir in his usual deep,booming voice. This was in response to the exasperated expressions I and zalak were giving when a simple,straight question related to BMW's headquarters went off track-and kept on getting more and more sidetracked! I mean,it's just another question in the gk class,discuss it and move ahead.What is the need of going into the technicalities? And even if you do so,continuously discussing it for ten full minutes is more than enough! So when half a dozen guys and a sir decided to vociferously scrutinize the engine efficiency,average,the body design ,draw comparisions with other models was natural that the two girls sitting there felt alienated. That was when sir noticed it and asked the guys to stop-"The ladies are getting bored. Women don't like discussing cars". zalak got somewhat indignant on hearing this and as a knee-jerk reaction cried back- "that's not true,i drive my car with one hand". I, on the other hand distinctly muttered-"all this is male chauvinism,sir!".Sir just smiled,and carried on with the remaining of the handout.

Although I said it was chauvinism, I honestly don't care whether or not this one is.Who cares!! I can never really understand this two-facedness of male psyche. Going on a shopping spree is a manifestation of the materialism, but caressing a non-living automobile like your child,purchased solely to quench your materialistic desires is suddenly a gesture similar to fatherhood!
I remember how once we got stranded in torrential rains, somewhere in bopal while visiting one of my father's colleague. The car got stuck in a muck,the raindrops felt more like pellets,the thundering was getting louder by second.Mother said to leave behind the car, go to their house on foot ( the car had screeched to halt some 50 meters from their house gate),wait for the downpour to stop and then come back and try to pull it out. Father said-"No". "Why on the earth?" argued my mother (she hates getting wet)."I can't leave the car uncovered and unsheltered in such an incessant rain" replied my father,the genuine concern in his voice quite conspicuous! Anyway,i suggested that as the thunderstorm was getting deadlier we're better off inside the car because even if, in the worst case it strikes the charge would anyway reside on the surface of the metallic body( gauss's law,nai kya?). Yeah,so eventually things got fine but i can never forget my father's car-saving conduct.
Lessons from life have also taught me to avoid wandering anywhere near the following topics while talking to guys lest you should get bored to death:
A) Bikes ( Oh,those goddamn bikes!! the most irksome of all! I, at times suspect,that they're fully aware of our apathy but yet fulfill their sadistic pleasures by blabbering away anyway).
B) Gadgets (oh no! i love gadgets myself, but while talking guys have this uncanny ability of reducing a magnificent gadget into a boring, futile circuitry of active/passive elements.)
Hmm..but on a hypocritical note (apologies!), men are better off this way-the natural way, than being pesky,soap-opera loving,non-sporty,gadget-despising nancy boys anyway :D (i actually know two such guys..bleeeyuck!). As for dealing with the over-the-board enthusiasm with men's machinery (which as i've reiterated inflicts hazzaar boredom),we'll learn to put up with it-hopefully :)
ps: desai sir doesn't steer his car with one hand. :D :P
pps:bhatt sir does! he did it for minutes together when he dropped me home once :)