Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the lost art of writing?

sample these:
xyz : hy,h r u?vl u be abl 2 cm 2 d mvis wid us?
me: i am fine!how about you?i am sorry re,i am preoccupied.won't be able to come.
xyz :wtf yr! @lst try 2 cm 4 sm tym.it's mah trt....
me: nahi ho payega yaar,sorry! and congratulations once again!:)
xyz: k..nvrmnd..bt nxt tym vl dfntly mt up....n thnx...

xyz: w r u? v r @ k blk cm fst....
me: yeah,i'll be there in a few moments.

xyz: did u c hs pic?lol! lmao!rotfl!
me:i know! it's hilarious :D

xyz: hy,lstn,gtg.ttyl.bfn.cya.bye.gnsd.tc
me:goodnight! sleep tight! and don't let the bugs bite! :)

i am not trying to highlight my intact,untainted language here(ok..maybe a little bit :p),but mostly i am trying to point out the rather despoiled versions most of the people around us subscribe to.i was utterly baffled,when i was subjected to such sms/cyber jargons for the very first time.and my exasperation still continues.only now,i am used to comprehend such argots,abbreviations( read:brutally butchered words).what is beyond me,is the reason for such an unfair usage of a language.those who practice it,defend it by arguing that such a lingo saves both time and money.i say,'oh really!' how many nanoseconds a person is going to save by typing cm instead of come,or 2 instead of to? and the most inane of all are laughter slangs how many actually are laughing out loud when they type 'lol'?or 'rolling on the floor laughing' while typing rotfl?( forgive me,but i somewhat like this one :)) and they're definitely not laughing their asses off,even when they text in lmao.
any language should be allowed to evolve,else it'll die out.all languages evolve with time,which is a very natural and good thing..but come off it!one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this isn't evolution.it's deterioration! even as i type,thousands of net-lingo savvy are keying aways stuff like brb,gal etc.the good thing is,that all those people who are well-aquainted with with such vernaculars might find themselves at a very good position,as far as modern day tête-à-tête is concerned.but then one can't be sure,as people don't tend to get enough of it! every instant a new net slang is fashioned and propounded.like i've known all along that gtg stands for got to go,which is why i was left to ponder what gtgp could possibly mean,when a chat friend used it.turned out that it means exactly what it sounds like:gtg-pee!
now,because i am fed up of running over the full forms of the slangs in my head every time one mentions it(which happens to be pretty often),i am going to catalog it,right here,right now and see,how much of this crazy lingo have i imbibed!
in alphabetical order:
AFK/ASAP- away from keyboard/as soon as possible
BFN/BRB/BTW- bye for now/be right back/by the way
CYA- c ya around
DIY/DND- do it yourself/do not disturb
FTW/FYI- reverse of wtf(!!)/for you information
GAL/GGAL/GN/GTG/GTGP- get a life/go get a life/goodnight/got to go/got to go pee (!!)
HF-have fun
IMAO/IMHO- in my arrogant opinion/in my humble opinion
LMAO/LOL- laughing my ass off/laugh out loud
OMG-oh my god
ROTFL-rolling on the floor laughing
SD/SLAP-sweet dreams/sounds like a plan ( :) )
TC/TTYL/TY- take care/talk o you later/thank you
WTF/WTH-what the fuck/what the hell

woah! i guess,i am not that a dud in this lingo ! which means,i'll be able to slaughter the language as much as i like.except,i won't :)
peace out!