Monday, September 28, 2009

mixed bag

This clearly was the longest gap between my any two posts. Back in business :), not totally. I don't think I'd be blogging that often. I've lost the will to blog like before (how bad is that on lethargy scale?)
But, quite a few things happened in the past few days of which I'd like to have a record. Mainly because these things were neither memorable, nor exciting. In fact it would be safe to say that these were of no significance at all. I feel bad for such events, such memories. Events that were okayish. Memories that are not good, and not bad either. We tend to forget these. Like I'd always remember that amazing school picnic, or that feeling of riding a bicycle for the first time. And no matter how hard I try, I'd also never quite forget the nasty fight over a petty issue, I had with a friend. But there is a distinct possibilty that I'd forget the walk that I had today with a bunch of old pals. Very good memories. Check. Very bad memories. Also check. Normal workaday memories. Forgotten.
No problem. Diaries/blogs to the rescue (yes, diary is still and will always remain a first preference; there's a lot of clipping and a lot held back stuff in the blog-intentionally :))

Part One of the festival season over. Nine nights of Navaratri, five days/nights of Durga Puja and finally Vijayadashami. Maybe I'm expected to be in very high spirits. All ecstatic and jubilant, with fresh zeal and verve. I was all this and more, last year. This year..well..was not like last year. All my friends were in town a year before. No one came this time round :( I watched the ultra crazy garba videos of last year and became sadder. Durga Puja wasn't compensating either. This year has been a record. I didn't meet one single person I intended to meet. Not even one! Only the people from my parents' friend/aquaintance circle I see once every year and whom I greet with fake smiles. These people always ask me the same set of questions. I always give them the same set of answers. For some reason, they are ever so interested in the way I commute to and from college. ("Which bus did you say"?, "How much time does it take"? ). It's OK. I've got used to it. I also saw someone who somewhat jolted my memory. It has been so long since I thought of this person. There was a time when I used to do that extensively. The first glimpse was exhilarating but the next moment I remembered about his current status. A sinking feeling. Very bad feeling. I think my only crush till date who probably doesn't even know me!
And inspite of such rather dangerous possibilities which have the power to transform my sanguine disposition into a doleful one, I love going to the puja for just one simple reason- for her! The divine Maa, who is the most beautiful, most loving, most forgiving, most protective of all :) Besides, for me no music can be as evocative as the music of pujo. I love the sound of the dhak-that typical rhythmic percussion, the tinkle of the bells during shondhi pujo (evening aarati), the smell of the camphor, the dhunuchi naach(ritual dance worships). I feel protected. A feeling that no pain or sorrow in the world can touch me. It is a blissful feeling. A moment for which one is beyond happiness and/or miseries. Beyond the worldly pleasures and the sufferings. I don't quite know what kind of a feeling is that, but it spawns very strong emotions. It makes me feel really really powerful. Like there's nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry, nothing that cannot be done or achieved. And even after it is achieved, it would be no big a deal. I can keep standing there watching the idol for ages,I actually do till my mother drags me away ie :D

Dusshera at vikki is always fun. I've been watching it every year for years now. It has almost become a ritual, but a good one. A huuuge effigy of Ravan is made up, stuffed with the most sparkling (and consequently the most polluting) fire crackers. All complete with an act that the folks put up. Lord Rama, brother Lakshman and devotee Lord Hanuman along with the vaanar sena conquer the army of the nefarious ten-headed king of Lanka and eventually Ravan himself to save Mata Sita. For obvious reasons, no girl from the colony volunteers to play Sita :D Which is why some or the other poor fella is coaxed into draping a sari, fashion a false plait, and allow Lucky aunty to put tonnes of make up on his face! After the last fragment of Ravan is burnt to ashes, these 'actors' tend to dance a bit-victory dance. More often then not the Raavan sena and Sita also join their 'co-actors'. And one can always hear someone quipping or disapproving- "Sita ko to dekho, kaise pallu lehraa lehraake naach rahi hain Raavan ki sena ke saath" :P And every year Chinky says the same thing-" Iski(referring to the Vaanars of the Vaanar sena) punchh kitni cute hain" :P

Met the old vikki gang after a long time today. Especially Prachi didi. I don't remember when was the last time I saw her. Oh wait! wait! I do. It was almost two years ago when she dropped by to say hi and I showed her our teacher's day pics. I think she might've broken a rib while laughing her head off at poorna's pic in a sari. Oh! how we used to ridicule poorna banerjee. How extremely hilarious it used to be :D. Only Uttara was missing :( I remember how much fun it used to be in those days.

I watched 27 dresses this afternoon. Sweet. I hate to admit it but I love romantic movies. I have a love-hate relation with romantic movies. I love them because..well..because of emotional reasons :) But I also hate them as they are a constant reminder of the fact that my life is not like those movies, and I so want it to be one! I have neither appreciated, nor longed for regular romance. As in, being involved with rather 'obvious' people-classmates, colleagues, people from the same friend circle. It's a nastily common thing. It should be like movies! The backdrop stretched across a couple of cities. An absolute stranger.Cynical. Not the very best of beginnings. A dozen heated arguments, a million sarcastic comments. A vulnerable moment. Get to know the 'real them' part.Change of opinions. Friendly bonding. Circumstantial misunderstanding. Big fight. Parting of ways. Revelation. Realization at the better-late-than-never time. A panicky search. A crazy confession...and they walked away in the sunset hand in hand :) Ohh and yes-it also involves torrential rains, skating, airport and a public speech-albeit, not in that order. Yup- that's my movie. And even if it isn't at least spinning such tales can be my alternate career, if engineering goes for a toss :D I mean, people with far baseless storylines are raking in moolahs!
Yeah, I'm gonna keep this option open, just in case...

I wish I could go on and on. But my body is screaming in protest. Today was very tiring. And I have my darned college tomorrow :x

PS: I'm very happy for Anu :)
PPS: I'm seriously at my wits end as far as the post titles are concerned. Help! Help! SOS!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i don't have a title for this!

Oh what a week! Full of strain, tough decisions, tension, wake-up calls. And it is just the beginning. Nevermind. Dekh lenge :)
But with every passing day, I'm finding it more and more difficult to maintain the blog. Not because, I don't have enough time (we never have enough time) but because all of a sudden I'm facing a dead end as far as the things to write about are concerned. As a matter of fact I don't have a particular subject to blog about even now. Aimeless keying..yeah..there are such days..yeah.

Tomorrow is monday. The week begins on monday. You're supposed to go to college on and from monday. Monday through friday-everyday. And even though I bunk a lot, I'm planning to go this week. Attendance shit and all :x. I mean what's the point in going when they've closed down my fav nescafe outlet :( Canteen's for the riff-raff, not me (*nose turns up high in the air*)

Today is my dad's birthday. Exactly a month after mine :) But he had to go on his silly office tour this very day,so we've postponed the celebrations by a week which means we aren't dining out tonight. Which in turn means I'll have to eat the most boring food in this whole wide world- roti, sabzi,dal and the ilk :x Nayh..I'll coax mum to make something else :)
When dad's outta town, mother and I dine out a lot. Mainly because it is my father who's excessively picky about his food, we aren't. We can life off on pizzas, baked spaghettis, chinese food or even a modest bhaji-paav. But my father finds it hard to do without a full course home-cooked meal. Hmm..anyway, as of now I'm reducing the volume of his bday cake( and in the bargain increasing my volume..aaarrghh..koi na, tomorrow I'll take the route that requires me to walk a lot :) ) Balance. It's all about striking a perfect balance.

A girl back in college is getting reeeeally nettlesome. And I don't know how to react. One is always at a loss of words when people you call friends suddenly start saying mean things! Why, why would they do that? I think I might confront her soon. Oh, I hate confrontations :x

I guess I should wrap it up as I don't have anything else to add..except maybe that the two pigeons outside this room's window are totally doing it! :P
Come to think of it, they've been doing it since I turned on the comp. Two hours!! By a pigeon's standards, quite a player boy! ;)

PS: I'm NOT a voyeur. It is..well..Mother Nature ( M, capital N) :D :)

PPS: Hille le jhakjhor duniya..hille le jhakjhor :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Guess who is the latest one to turn a traitor? I've as good as ditched orkut. I'm using my facebook account more often now and I've actually started liking it!
And this is not a sudden move to keep up with the trend. It is a move to avoid orkut. Or shall I call it Pandora's box? Yes, that would be it. True, it helped me in staying connected with my old school mates. True, it helped me interact with my classmates in college during the initial phase. True, I made a lot of wonderful friends from different cities. And knowing myself, I wouldn't have been able to do all of this without a social networking site. Mainly because I'm highly incapable of keeping in touch with people. Even the ones who once topped the list of my best buddies.I dunno what's it with me, but I have a tendency of falling apart. Had it not been for the internet I probably wouldn't have made any effort to keep myself updated. Keeping in touch over phone is.. well..irregular. Although I prefer it, but it still is irregular.I guess the fact that I keep losing my cellphones is a major contributing factor! Hence, this phenomenon was good. It still is good. But of late it has been the genesis of a lot of unsolicited things in my life. And it's time now to put my foot down. How I wish I had Uttara's courage to delete it and get over with it once and for all. But I can't do that, or at least not at the moment..sigh..
So, I selected the next best option. I'm trying to replace one with the other in hope that I forget about this one. And then I'll try to forget about that one.
I wish that day comes soon when one fine morning I'll wake up and gladly get rid of all these blight-of-my-social-life accounts, willingly do away with all the redundant email ids and be happy to write in my good old diary instead of a blog.
Yes, that day will come soon.

PS: The classroom humor is back! A droll professor has returned to cause a laughter riot :D