Sunday, May 24, 2009

senseless prattling of a nervous mind!

In what can only be termed as a historic event, gujarat university for the first time dared to rebuff students' plea of postponing exams. Good- that the most malleable vice chancellor ever finally displayed some inflexible decisiveness. Bad- that we were lured into false sense of security till ten days prior to exams.
For some goddamn reason the faster exams approach,the more I desire to read random stuff-and that too not within the four walls of home,however comfy it might be. Everybody has a happy place,crossword is mine.Oh,how badly I want to go to crossword. A walk lasting for precisely 53 seconds from my doorstep takes me there. Landmark's good too but not good enough. Firstly I don't quite like the idea of a bookshop being crafted inside a mall and secondly it's takes 3 full minutes to reach there.
Here's something new...ever since I started blogging I invariably keep thinking of things that I want to write about. I don't realize I'm doing it,but I keep doing it.I've so far thought of writing posts on the magical beauty of numbers,my infatuation for speed,some bloopers that I've made in past, politics,movies,fashion,swearing, about how life can be made simpler by drawing analogies from science,about how my mother thinks that balika vadhu is a regaling tv show(wtf!),about how my lifestyle has detached me from my passions-I don't paint anymore,I gave away my ladybird to our servant years ago-the cycle on which I raced with wind,neither do I dance inspite of having passionately learnt and madly practiced bharatnatyam for seven years. Why? That's what I want to ask myself. I want to go in an introspective mode,analyse 'em while writing about 'em. And totally abstract topics too jam my head, like today morning,I read something in the newspapaper and wanted to write an article on how I don't understand the concept of metrosexual men. I've always thought them to be guys who wear bubblegum pink shirts,wax their chests,have a swagger in their deportment and try to fake american accent by twisting the 'r's. But I guess there's more substance to it than what I perceive.
Just eight days to go for exams, loads to cram and yet I choose to blog at this crucial time! But I had to!! My head was clogging up :o
Better...much better :)
ps: My prep sucks,and I'm getting more and more apprehensive by minute :(


abhishek said...
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abhishek said...

writting, reading..i juss feel its infectious, i have my graduation day jury tom,and m scribbling arnd n follwing blogs...n then i have to catch up wid the IPL finals dis evening,its worth its salt.
tv tuner already sold,so will take an xtra effort to march to ccd...
lets see wats on the cards!!!

kaushal said...

I'm having similar times- and my observation says : As the mind is supposedly more active during this period of prep leave, it tends to think more and in the process, even distractions increase, and every small thing that touches you- you want to write about it, and won't rest until it gets out of your head in the form of words :)
That's how it is with me :)
Best of luck!!

Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

Deccan Chargers WOn!!!

and yah .. another blog post!!!! yaay!

neelanjana said...

Yeah,was totally worth it's salt :)
Good luck with your jury thing! What is it anyway?

I'll buy that theory.Explains a lot.And I really need that luck.Luck is the only thing that I'm counting on..and with the kind of prep that I have even that's a bravado :D
Oh,did I not wish luck? Good luck to you too :)

I KNOW!!! :):):) Amazing,wasn't it? I've been supporting them from day one. It's really nice when the team you support wins. I always support Adam Gilchrist...actually not always.I don't support him when he plays against India :)
Oh btw,how many days since you talked to your anti-social roomie? Still busy downloading chinese chalchitra from the antar-jaal? :D :D

abhishek said...


I felt that both teams did spectacularly well to get to the final - their individual trajectories from last year's losses to this year's gains were remarkable stories in themselves.
yup the jury thing is, that we need to present our project work, or design collection, whatever in front of a panel of judges (critics),frm academic or industrial backgrounds.more of those gladiator things...n den they rip u apart.
fortunately it did end on a better note.