Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I found the comp on,as I was going to drink water(oh..the thirst,it's gonna kill me one of these days) and couldn't resist the temptation to come near it. "Oh well,I need to see whether the horribly purple coloured website has uploaded the time-table"-I said to myself. Hmm..it hasn't(I don't even have the heart to incorporate a vein of sarcasm),but now while I'm at it,maybe I should check my scraps.Great,Palla's back in a'bad! Well..that's it,I should turn off the comp now...or maybe just a peep at the blog.Oh no! I won't post anything,I'll just read my own posts.But it seems so foolish to come up to here and not blog.Maybe just a teeny-weeny post.Ok :)

Rnadom things that I want to mention:

- Process control sucks.
- My dreams are getting weirder by day.
-I make,on an average four timetables per day;Obviously follow none!
-Chinky and I had great fun yesterday :D
- I've not had college since almost three weeks now,and my atm balance is already halved :D
-My mother has unknowingly subscribed 'love tips' on her cell :D.She's been getting 'em for about a year now.I do the job of reading 'em. Today I read something that left me pondering. It said: Men fall in love through eyes,women fall in love through ears. I dunno about men,but the women's part is actually true.I have noticed I readily get impressed, both by an engaging conversation and by a baritone. A lot of people often think it goes unnoticed but it doesn't-voice is very important and so are the words spoken with that voice!
- I'm drinking yummy,chilled mum-made mangoshake even as I write this post :)
- Deccan chargers won again :)
-This new hairfall control shampoo that I tried today actually works-just three strands of hair rooted off till now :)
- My nephew amrik,is the cutest kid ever :)

chalo back to the grind :(


kaushal said...

Process control really sucks- big time!!
And the way it has been presented to us- it sucks even more..

Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

Oh my god !!! MANGOOOESS!!! nooooooooooooooo

neelanjana said...

Tell me about it!! Two days on one chapter,that too in the most inattentive way :(
Oh,if I ever meet this Mr. Eckman,so much good for me..so much bad for him :x

Arrr..Don't you like mangoes?:o