Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Dream

Now now..I know that I first need to complete my In my humble opinion series-but this is kinda urgent. Urgent and... strange considering the fact that I seldom remember my dreams.I remember 'em in fragments,as flashes of a few hands,faces..that's it. I try very hard to recollect what I saw while I brush,but for some reason the dream dwindles away with a remarkable speed. But oddly enough, I have the vividest memory of what I saw last night. It was the lamest dream ever and yet it was a most bizarre one.

It concerned one of my classmates at school,with whom I'd severed ties long back( for reasons that I don't discuss with almost anyone). Apparently it was her wedding day,and she was about to get wedded in the night. We were all invited. Now this woman ( I just can't call her a lady,no matter how hard I try) came to our room,which btw looked more like a mansion than a room, and told us that she was planning to elope. We planned and schemed the whole operation-of how we are going to dodge people,how would we divert them,what things we need to pre-arrange. And then the day faded into twilight. According to the plan I was to go with her and her faceless guy to the court to bear witness to their nuptial. And so we somehow got out of the house running like kids as soon as we traversed the gate. The woman was in an attire that I imagine myself in these days while daydreaming of..let's just say something that makes me very exuberant. She sat on the driving seat,the faceless guy beside her and I was at the back seat. The faceless guy made me rather snobbish. He was the kind of guy I call (and I've successfully propagated this argot among my friends) lafandar. As we drove off I got into two school of thoughts.I was feeling weird,uncomfortable,asphyxiating mentally. I felt bad.I knew it was wrong. I was thinking of all those people back there who would be traumatized at the discovery,of the excruciating and mortifying moments that we were putting them through. I was angry at her selfishness,at the stupid plan,at the fact that I was behaving as a dumb driven cattle and yet was not abnegating.I prayed to return,for something to happen to take a detour ( I know going by the situation such feelings are way too extrapolated..but that is how I felt in the dream). And it happened.The court was closed and we returned.People were as happy as they were when we'd left.I was relieved..and then I was woken up by my mother.It was 8:15. I'd slept at 12..woah! that was a long sleep.
But I don't understand it. Why would I all of a sudden dream of a person whose existence I don't even acknowledge? Why would I be dreaming of stuff like marriage (that's for older people to dream about)? Why was she wearing my favorite dress?(I'm very possessive about my stuff.Real or imaginary-It matters not).Why did I remember this stupid dream of all the nice dreams (of course I don't remember them,but they must be nice because mostly when I wake up in the mornings,I get a very positive,hopeful and cheery feeling)? I'm clueless. I guess it was just a meaningless dream after all. chalo gotta stop.
ps : dc won :):):)