Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In my humble opinion-part 1

I have opinions on a lot of things that I partially understand,do not understand or do not want to understand at all. In fact I might come across as a rather opinionated person at times.Too bad.But then,I can't be sugar,spice and everything nice.I'm bad too...I'm only human.
It's really not possible to enlist each and every little opinion on the myriad issues that my rather reckless mind strays into day in and day out (I'm a human who's exams are round the corner :D) but I'll jot down whatever I remember.And since I have time issues this post will be in parts.How many of them? As many as it takes to please the oversmart blabbermouth in me.

In India everybody has an opinion on cricket.I'm quintessentially Indian in this respect.Despite the fact that I do not understand the technicalities of cricket,I choose to comment on it.I call it Indian Pesky League. Not that I'm not fond of watching cricket. Oh no! I love watching the ODIs.Especially the 20-20 format.The cricket devotees unanimously debate that this format is the least suitable way to gauge a cricketer's potential-The most suitable way being the test cricket (yawn!). Anyway, temporary viewers like me look out for quick entertainment.And a game of curtailed overs fits the bill perfectly.Now why do I call it pesky then? Because it's over hype is pesky! It's spattered across the morning papers, glued on every possible billboard in the city,all over the news channels,every radio station it seems has vowed to give the regular updates as if it's a world war,the tv commercials are having a gala time and where do I even begin to say about the the man on street! He has gone frenzy-with excitement,fervor,tension,speculation and what not! It's the cricket fever everywhere-tv,radio,schools,colleges,offices,clubs,buses,malls,food joints,beauty parlours..to name a few.But I was most surprised when the other day our rather dainty Sarita ma'am asked us our favourite IPL teams! In reply all of us mumbled our teams,which collectively sounded gibberish.Ma'am then playfully questioned- "Is nobody pitching for the Kolkata Knight Riders-the most flamboyant team"? ;) Some guy at the back answered-"Not even if we're paid to do so! They're the ultimate lost warriors ma'am" :D. Lost 'warriors'- I smirked ;) I knew it from day 1,from the day 1 of IPL 1 that it is a goner team.Nothing more than a bunch of showy 'knights' in their horribly flashy golden jumpsuits.I've never liked saurav ganguly.And I've been quite vocal about it,because of which I've infuriated plenty of people.I still remember all those heated arguments which took spiteful turns all the time.How I never got convinced despite the scores of factual details that anu,harshit,rohan,abhinav..I guess it would be easier to write almost the entire class, provided me with. Uttara liked him too (dunno if she still does).Anu and I had the longest and nastiest fight till date in 9th class because I allegedly 'insulted' this guy! I have no idea what do people see in him. Anyway,I'd rather dodge this subject-it hasn't done me any good in the past.
Arr.. the time is making a fool of me yet again.I better end this part here only,but not before I mention my favorite team.I have three favorite teams in IPL 2-Chennai Super Kings,Kings XI Punjab and Deccan Chargers (in that order).But because I like Gilchrist the most, I'd be fielding for(pun intended) DC. Although their last match was a such a big disaster..tch tch tch..but koi na..happens! May the best team win!

Summarized Opinions :
1. India bonds over cricket
2. Even if you lose,cricket teaches you how to not be a loser.
3. And yet I opine- Gosh it's just a game! watch it,enjoy it but there's
no need to pore over the blow-by-blow description!

ps : yaaaaaaaawn!!


abhishek said...

"Test cricket may be compared to the finest Scotch, 50-overs a side to Indian Made Foreign Liquor, and 20-20 to the local hooch."

abhishek said...

Ganguly did not mind directing the fire at himself. What could they do? Bowl bumpers? Already every fast bowler worth his salt had tried to knock off his head. He had no lordly lineage but he walked and talked as he pleased, not exactly trying to provoke opponents but unwilling to deny himself. He did not give much ground to the modern game, with its fitness and diving and running between wickets and morning training and all that rot. It was brave of him to remain apart, for it left him exposed to ridicule, forced him to justify himself. But Ganguly was not scared of the pressure. Perhaps he needed the extra pressure the way a veteran car needs a crank. And, just in case, he had the populist touch. If Anil Kumble was the colossus, Sachin Tendulkar the champion, Rahul Dravid the craftsman, VVS Laxman the sorcerer, then Ganguly was the inspiration.