Monday, May 18, 2009

oh DEAR god!

Call me insensitive,call me numb,say I'm devoid of emotions,you can even sue me for this if you wish,but the fact remains is that I don't like the word 'dear'. Not that,I don't like endearment words..oh,yes I do.I totally do...but not dear.

Maybe it's the extraneous usage of the word and not the word itself that drives me nuts. I mean..hello! what's wrong with people :o
Despite the fact that listening to erroneous english is nothing new to me,I just can't put up with this. I get rather crabby when absolute strangers,people who still haven't learnt to pronounce my name correctly call me dear. Do they even realise that dear is not a substitute for a name,that it is a kind word one uses for people they're emotionally attached to-not any Tom,Dick and Harry?
The worst is when a guy uses it for another guy-yikes! Buddy,dude,bro,man or even swear words for that matter.Of all these choices you chose to call your guy friend dear-how gay are you? :o
A lot of my friends/not really friends use it too. And although I appreciate the gesture,I still feel weird. I'm someone who talks to everyone,befriends most of them but then there are just a handful of people I permit to rule my world. And I think,it's not just me,we all do it. We all have some kind of hierarchy( arrr..reminds me I still have loads to do in das :( ) in our minds for our friends. I don't wish to admit that I rate and rank my friends,but off-record-I subconsciously do. And being a fiercely private person (Oh yes,even though people might feel that I'm an extrovert to my tips,I've got a good deal of an introvert in me) I tend to get a tad annoyed when people out of my close circle send me messages like- 'how're you dear?', 'I'm at the library dear', 'We're coming dear',etc.
Now I know any normal person would see no harm in this. Maybe some might even come close to calling me a misanthropist. But please don't judge me wrongly-it's just that I feel,one needs to understand the fact that when certain people occupy vital spaces in your life,and you fortify the bond by using endearment words, don't dilute it's effect by using it for ten other insignificant people. My fav intimate words are honey and baccha :),and there are very very few for whom I use it.Because the people I use it for are special to me,which is why it is their prerogatives to be treated as special ones. And then there are also words which are swear words actually but the way we use it is tantamount to endearment words. Like I,anu,chinky and uttara fondly call each other kamini :D

But then what about dear? What do I do about it? Who shall I use it for?
What about it!! I've already given it away in the post title who I use it for- Oh 'dear' god :)


abhishek said...

would say d display pics intended me to scroll through ur profile, n ur profile to glance through ur writtings...
honestly pen...!!


neelanjana said...

Well..thanks for glancing through my posts and becoming a follower!!

abhishek said...

my pleasure.