Thursday, May 7, 2009

hiatus's the the thing.I'm looking at hard time. It took 1 week,2 days, a dozen insinuations per day from my mum, 3 different newspapers' daily horoscopes' warnings,8 text messages, 4 phone calls for it to finally sink in that I'm less than a month away from my uni exams. And the fact that I'm the only one who is not kicking any butts (errr..yeah I may use such a foul language-I'm getting panicky!) doesn't alleviate my worries. Man,this is bad! Why the hell am I such a laggard? :( I waste way too much time on net,on phone,daydreaming,watching trash episodes of spiltsvilla,listening to the cacophonous songs on 5 different radio stations(oh the goddamn high ear drums,my pinna).God I'm sooo totally screwed. But at least the net wandering should stop.I think I'm the only one who's dumb enough to come online thrice a day.It should stop.Orkut,youtube,gmail,rediffmail,facebook-all should stop.And this blog...this is precisely why I didn't want to start blogging in the first place.I knew it! I knew that I'd be madly addicted to it...writing indefinitely about my little world,and the world that I's like disneyland for me! But I can't.I shouldn't.I musn't. It would be like coldbloodedly murdering the already heavily wounded time. I hate it when my life's principle gets violated-Do things in life because you want to,not because you have to. But this I have to,inspite of not wanting to.
So,I'm on a break(hehe..this line invariably reminds me of ross and rachel :D). Off-hooks till the stupid exams get over.
I'll miss the blog.I hope it misses me too :(

PS: Thank heavens the plan to go to college tomorrow got cancelled.I'd rather pay a hundred bucks as library fine than go to college.And why the hell are these slowcoaches not uploading the time table on the silliest website ever.huh! world full of retards!

PPS: awww..I'll miss blogging :(


kaushal said...

As usual,
I agree :)

Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

I come to this post everyday... hoping to see something other than "hiatus" as the first entry

neelanjana said...

Agree on what?

There you go!hiatus has now become the second entry :)