Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we are the world,we are the children

I stayed glued to the television set last night till almost the end of the memorial service of Michael Jackson. I say almost the end because as the final song 'we are the world,we are the children was being performed the channel went off :(
After watching the memorial service, after listening to the eulogy speeches did I fully understand what exactly he meant when he said a long time ago -"If you come to the world knowing that you are loved and leave the world knowing the same, anything that happens within can be dealt with".
The first time I read this I was hugely impressed without being quite cognizant of the underlying meaning. Now, I wish to believe that I understand it better.
Not many have such a send off, was the first thought that came to my mind as I stretched out with eyes wide open after switching off the t.v. And then I got penceive about a lot of stuff, mainly on the philosophical domain. There were one or two moments when I thought of getting up keying them down, but for some reason I chose not to. Sometimes, certain things happen that do not really concern you, you're not bothered much and yet they lead you to a state of catharsis. I felt absolutely inane to cry, and yet my pillowcase was wetter than it ever has been. I was no fan, which makes it even more stupid. But it isn't all that stupid. When you watch things like this, you understand the non-biased nature of life and you feel ashamed that you keep cribbing and grumbling for a significant part of your life. You feel ashamed that you blame god for every difference, every distinction that has been incorporated in people's lives. You feel ashamed of the time when you thought-Hey! what a wonderful life that would be, so much better than this one anyway. What is the point of housing such thoughts? Everyone here is heading for the same fate. After close it will matter not. Conglomeration of different persons, we might be but all of us have one thing in common- we are all equally loved , for we are the children of the same parents.

And yet there will be times when I'll forget all of this. All these peaceful thoughts will take a backseat. I'll be too overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations of life,too busy in my little world to spare a thought to humanity. Fortunately life has it's own mysterious ways to slow down the pace when required and buy you some time to reflect. Also, songs with philanthropic lyrics always help. I've always felt so.