Sunday, July 5, 2009

mind games

Sometimes I wish I could perform legilimency (it isn't my fault if you still haven't read the legendary HP-google it up!). It would make social life so much simpler. No speculations even if people choose to bottle up their thoughts, no logical or illogical (odds in favour of this one in my case :D) deductions of their verbal and non-verbal communications, no 'what ifs', no 'could this means'. What's more,you can even pre-empt yourselves from getting lured into false ideas,and be able to judge people for who they actually are. Whenever in doubt,just look into the other person's mind and decipher their outlooks. How unproblematic that would be! And unethical,though it might be, yet I'm tempted to think what Rushdie's booker prize winner protagonist Salim Sinai thought when he discovered his telepathic powers- What peace during exams :D :D. No need to study at all,just scan the answers from within your fellow test takers' heads!!
It would have done my incorrigibly dreamy mind some real good.Unfortunately,I'm not gifted with this superhuman power,and hence my rowdy mind gets the reign. Subsequently driving me to the illusionary,unknown territories.No wonder I get lost-it's unknown after all!
Some people are just like that. It means nothing. "No! don't over analyze, don't over think"- I tell myself. Actually no need for any amount of analysis or thinking at all. Some people just talk that way. And yet, within those nuances of voices do I hear something else?Their behaviours are inherently abstruse. There's nothing suggestive in those periodic flatterings and the deliberate brush-offs (again here...basic instinct says they are deliberate-clumsily deliberate). And yet I wonder..No! No! Here I go again..urghh.. If I had my way I would have sent this over cogitating mind of mine on a long long vacation :x
Stupid, unscientific, quixotic mind- ponder over something constructive,not such worthless stuff!

Oh,I'm so tired today. Who says weekends are meant for fun? They drain me out completely!

PS: I'm amused at how absolutely incoherent this post appears! :D
PPS: But then it is indicative of my state of mind now, which just as this post is all vague.