Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anger Management

I can possibly watch any movie with Adam Sandler in it. My all time favorites are: I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry and 50 first dates. I sooo want to watch Funny People..sigh..

Anyway, this post is neither about Adam Sandler (I have an uncanny attraction for the name Adam though) nor is it about his movies or any movie for that matter. It's about the fact that I'm angry. Very very angry.For unmentionable reasons. And I want to control it. Anger management was the first thing that came to my mind and hence Adam Sandler-yeah,it was a good movie too.

Different people resort to different methods to appease their anger. Some people vouch for the effectiveness of deep-breathing, others say counting numbers does the trick for them. One of my school friends had a most singular way to pacify herself. She used to take a mouthful of ice-cold water and didn't gulp it down till she thought she was back to her calmer self. I too tried it once, and it really really works. And then there was one who used to go for long runs or exercised vigorously. Anu deletes her inbox messages to give vent to her fury. Chinky doesn't get angered that easily and when she does she..oh god! I don't know what does she do :o. She gets mad at me a lot many times and that too for just these two reasons - 1. Why can't you ever arrive on time? 2. Why don't you pick up your phone? Of course, I gathered quite recently that these are the things that ALL my friends (without an exception) complain of :P. Anyway, I guess she listens to her collection of melancholy songs from old hindi movies and cooks (god knows what!). Oh, it's about time I wrote a much promised post on Chinkyism. :D
And then some people swear. Oh,yes! All crudeness aside, this works as well.
When I was young I used to paint, and sometimes sketch vigorously to expel the rage trapped within. A very high velocity cycling also helped a lot. Nowadays, I do a lot of stuff. Not all of them at a time, I suit myself. Putting any of these into practice is fine.

Music.First loud. Loud enough to block all the thoughts. And then soothing, to quiet down the mind.

Cleaning. When I say cleaning, it is not the ordinary cleaning. It is 'The Monica' cleaning, with the vacuum cleaner, the duster, the scrub and the cleansing formula. Dusting, brushing,scrubbing,washing- I do it till I drop down tired.

Reading. Old copies of Children's digest, Tinkle, Champak, Billoo, Pinky. Fairy tales-Cinderella, Rapunzel, Emperor's new clothes, Little red riding hood, Snow white and the seven dwarfs or whatever I get. Old Khushwant Singh joke books. Not HP- that is when I'm depressed, not livid. This has had a cent percent success figure. All those people who keep flipping the pages of spiritual books or subscribe to complicated philosophy to seek solace, should lay their hands on the imprints of their childhood instead. Never underestimate Children's books. Its healing power is unparalleled.
Also, thanks to something I now have an easy access to some of the most entertaining passages on random topics.Most delightful !

And the latest addition in this list is the thing that I'm doing right now.
Better. Much better. :)
And now after typing a full length post my anger has not just subsided, in fact it, like its root cause, like a lot of things in life, is gone and forgotten.

Peace out!


abhishek said...

so finally all wat r u doing to manage ur anger is u r deviating ur mind,:).
in the state of furry ,irritation,rage ,fury,the person's thalamus and cerebellum(mind and hind brain which control these activities)gets agitated and wish to throw feelings in any means...

Pallavi S said...

your methods to combat anger are certainly novel.And yes,you never ever answer your phone:-))Chinks is totally justified.