Thursday, July 30, 2009


"No, no, a little more. Drink just a little more.See, it's steaming hot and I've put a lot of black pepper in it, so you'll feel better."

"Mamma, please. There's no taste in my mouth".

"Why are you not wearing your slippers? Have you ever seen me or your mother without our houseshoes? This is why you fall sick everytime."

"I'm not sick. It's just a little cold. I don't feel sick at all. I'm fine."

All this, just because I and my handkerchief are inseparable at the moment. I'm not quite appreciative of blowing nose but common cold makes you forget all that dignity. I hate catching cold and I hate falling sick :x

The first sign of rhinoviruses getting better of someone is continuous sneezing. The second is running nose , closely followed by headache, throat pain, cough and finally a slight fever.

And yet if you're adamant that you're not sick, try a simple pronunciation check- if your m's sound like b's-you have caught cold big time. I avoid talking to people during this time. It's so embarrassing! It has happened earlier. Something that became a legendary joke amongst the old colony gang-all thanks to Uttara for propagating it (hmph)- "Beri bummy bonday ko bangoes laayegi" :P

I sincerely hope I haven't infected Priyal and Mansi as I as good as spent an entire college-day with them yesterday. Priye's in my batch now-hurray!!! (sorry Bhoomi :D). But I think I have. Because by the end of the day both were sneezing.

I need to get well by today evening. It's my Parents' Twenty-third marriage anniversary :) And of course tomorrow's going to be very hectic, for most of us :)

I guess I'll take a nap now.

PS: I'm frigging tensed. Very very very tensed. :( :( :(

PPS: Why is this post showing the wrong date? Today's 1st august not 30th july. duh! dumb blog calender!


Pallavi S said...

Aww,a common cold plus the unwelcome fever it brings along with it is the most horrible thing on this earth.Beri bubby bonday ko bangoes...haha...uttara classic.If I am the President of the Common Cold club,you are the Vice Prez.Congragulations.