Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zihaal-e-masti maqun ba ranjish bahaal-e-hijra bechaaraa dil hain,
sunaai deti hain jiski dhadkan, tumhaaraa dil ya humaaraa dil hain.

In Hindi:
Is gareeb ke dil ko itni ranjish (gusse) se na dekho
Yeh bechara abhi bhi (mehboob ki) judaai se behaal hai.

In English:
Don't look at my heart with such hatred and anger, My heart is poor soul who is still in agony and pain because my beloved has departed.

Verbatim nearly kills the beauty of the original verse, but without it we would never know that it was beautiful to begin with!

baah..just a random song that crossed my mind, googled it for no reason, posting it for no reason.

I have noticed how excessively I use the word 'random'!
Mamma got me a new 2010 diary. It is a handsome large diary!! The blog's got some competition now. I'll name it soon. Maybe I'll call it Nirvana like the previous one. For various reasons. I like the band ,I like sanskrit (was my elective at school), I'm fascinated by Buddhism and I LOVE the meaning- liberation from unhappiness, illumination, the ideal condition of rest, joy, stability, peace, harmony. It's beautiful! I wish I could have this name instead of the stupid name I have :x
But then, I can also call it kimaya. Dunno. Shall see.