Friday, April 22, 2011


Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.
-- John Ruskin
I came across a site that said Blue is the overwhelming favorite color. It has been so, since time immemorial.
Blue and I are of course inseparable companions, as it's half my name.

Sadly, most people when thinking of the color Blue, think of the phrase 'Feeling Blue'. Or at any rate relate it with sadness and hopelessness. As an advertiser and an admirer of the color, I take that as a personal insult. Not that I don't approve of this particular symbolism. I do very much indeed. Being sad is a part of life.Feeling pain is one of those things that makes us living beings. However there's a lot more to the color than plain unhappiness.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Freedom. No boundaries. The blue sky that allows to fly around freely. The blue oceans that enable to drift from continent to continent. And stability. You don't expect the sky to turn brown one fine day, nor do you expect the water bodies to ooze green. Doesn't matter how much we encourage 'Change is constant' adage, the truth is there are somethings we never want to change. An assurance of some constants in our dynamic lives .

Then, there is serenity. It without doubt brings about relaxation. When I'm agitated, I surround myself with Blue.Like stare at the sky, wear a blue dress, go swimming, spread a blue bedsheet, get a blue colored mocktail, paint something in blue.I find it extremely calming.

Trust. That's right. Yet another symbolism. For reasons that I haven't been fully able to understand, I've always linked blue with trust. You really think it's a co-incidence that Facebook, Twitter and Orkut-the places where we interact with friends we trust, connect with people who were hitherto unknown, upload umpteen number of pictures in the cyper space-have the blue element in common? In fact the  it is the dash of blue that I have on my new template that is inspiring me to blog after a long dry spell.

Divinity, of course.I am talking in the context of Hindu religion. Ever looked at the pictures of Krishna, Shiva, Rama, Kali? Noticed the skin-color? Yes. Blue. Some people think it's silly, or pagan. That it proves that Hindu deities  are man-made. I assure you, it isn't so. There are deep metaphors in each and every description. In this case it signifies the infinite expansion of blue sky and blue ocean.Meaning that God is omnipresent, and the higher powers are all-pervading.

Finally, how can I possibly forget the thing that has given 1.15 billion Indians a reason to bask in the reflected glory of eleven victorious men. The posters of 'I Bleed Blue' campaign are still up there on the billboards. Nobody seems to have the tiniest of interest in replacing them. Men in Blue FTW!!