Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There are things one discovers, observes and concludes about oneself and others in the course of one's life. I haven't exactly completed my course of life (arrr..hopefully!).But yet, after each passing year our heads are fuller than the previous year. And this passing pseudo-gyaan needs to be recorded; how else will I laugh at my foolish younger self in my toothless and gray hair days? (Gray hair!! Ohhh..I shudder to think that my hair will turn gray one day :o)

Old facts:

  • Bournvita/Horlicks/Complan/Milo etc health drinks: All these taste much better in their powdered solid state than the intended liquid state.
  • First impressions may or may not be correct but first instincts are always correct.
  • The way guys talk when they're in the company of their guy friends is annoyingly different from the way they talk when their 'gang' is absent.
  • Kabaddi is more fun than lock and key.
  • Vanilla shakes are better than vanilla ice-creams.
  • To retain the lustre of the oil-paintings rub them with a dry slice of bread.
  • Skirts look better than jeans.
  • I think I'm a lot like Monica, although I've got a good deal of Phoebe in me. :)
  • Heels shift the centre of gravity of our body and thus musn't be worn for health reasons. But if you're 5'3'' like me, tell the person who told you this to go suck a lemon.

Recent gyaan:

  • Never take your mom shopping with you when you want to buy a backless halter. She wouldn't let you buy it. (Mine didn't). Always buy it first and then tell her that you bought it from the no-exchange section :P (this will be implemented the next time, which will be very soon *evil laughter*)
  • The chief minister himself would probably be more approachable than the department peon. Seriously. Imagine a life wherein you can strut around with an air of supreme self-importance, get a naive but dutiful assistant, look down upon the students as if they are absolute scum, and the toughest part of your job is making a pot of tea!
  • Flirting with a teacher is really uncool.
  • Majority of the people in the buses talk about buses.
  • Orkut was too much trouble than it was worth.
  • The concept of moral luck seems to be true enough.
  • Chololates are resistant to resistance.

Yeah, so anyway I got fined yesterday for exceeding the speeding limit. My first traffic fine :) Yesterday actually was a day of a lot of boo-boos and so was today :D

I desperately need something constructive to write about!