Saturday, July 3, 2010

I wish to...

  • live in a wooden house in a faraway land
  • close my eyes and and run wildly across beautiful meadows
  • go to the Caribbean 
  • learn to make the most ambrosial chocolates and confectioneries  
  • get lost in deep woods
  • run away with a Pirate
  • speak Portuguese 
  • travel in a horse carriage
  • unlearn everything I have learnt so far and forget everyone I know
  • be near the waterfalls during sunrise and the sea during sunset
  • kiss a stranger
  • dance in a bonfire, till every inch of my body hurts
  • collect one type each of all the gems strewn in the planet
  • swim in a deserted water body with no one watching
  • own thousands of pretty gowns in silk,satin, lace,velvet, chiffon, georgette...
  • go backpacking
  • do theater  
It's the Rains. Rains, that put me in a trance. That bring out my temptations and deepest desires. I think of so many things during Monsoon that I never think otherwise, I never dare think. The above is not some silly wishlist for the future. I want it now. All of it. Right NOW!


Anonymous said...

oh yaar!!this is lovely!!absolutely satiating to read!!