Friday, April 9, 2010

a quickie

First things first- I can't believe I lasted a year in the blogger world!
An anniversary post was something that I'd planned to write on the fourth day of April, but apparently the bsnl guys chose that very day for their annual dig-meddle-fill spree.Ah, never mind. The blog has turned one, and I'm delighted!

It's unfortunate that my reading and writing moods are mutually exclusive. A good enough reason why the blogging is at a low ebb. I'm reading these days. Extensively.One of those mad drives that people get at times.The appetite at such times is insatiable, and one is rendered helpless in front of the cravings.I'm sticking to my all time favourite, foul-weather friend genre: Crime. I'm a voracious reader of crime novels. And I fail to understand, how can anyone who can read not be!
Oh, how ardently I worship thee,O queen of crime!

For the love of god! Go, get married. You can also consider eloping.And then go into hiding (will be very well received by the hoi polloi of India, can't speak for the media though).Please save us from the dinner time 'breaking news'-nikah se pehle nach le, or something of that effect. This Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha saga has to end.
How revolting and utterly dishonorable it is to provide a front page coverage to the matrimonial controversies of certain celebs/wannabe celebs, while a tragic news of 75 slain CRPF jawans is pushed into the background. Are we as a country more interested in knowing the colour of Sania Mirza's bridal lachchha than mourning the loss of the brave sons of the soil?
I guess we are. And that's just so sad.

Good news for the blog. The dry spell is almost over. Will write often now.
So long!