Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Que sera sera

She knew it was coming, but she couldn't do anything about it. She predicted the fall of Troy. She foresaw everything, even her death. But nobody believed her, as she herself knew very well that nobody would, for she was cursed. And she knew she was cursed. So she did the next best thing-she went ahead and embraced her fate artistically, but not before giving it a tough fight. Brave girl Cassandra.

Ugh..I've been spending too much time on Wikipedia. I've been reading too much Roman mythology. And I've been watching too much war movies. Cruel, gory ones. I have no idea why the hell I'm doing this, but for the past couple of days I've been poring over every documented detail available on internet pertaining to the world wars. Infact I'm having this sudden urge to read Mein Kampf. Not exactly sudden though..I wanted to read it for sometime now.

No enthu to key further..
" Success comes to those who believe in it the most, and believe in it the longest. And we're going to believe"- Alec Baldwin ( Pearl Harbor)
Well..there's a distinct possibility that the citation may not be word to word correct, but meant more or less the same. And at this point of time, helps a lot in allaying my apprehensions.
Alec Baldwin reminds me that the new season of 30 Rock is neat! :)

PS: Hey, Que sera sera bhi ho so ho!
PPS: Arbit it might seem, but trust me it's not. This is how I feel right now, and in the parlance of a completely confused person, this is the most appropriate thing to say. Que sera sera- Whatever will be, will be. I'm yet to listen to the Doris Day original version, but the Dixit-Deva dance was totally invigorating :)