Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Guess who is the latest one to turn a traitor? I've as good as ditched orkut. I'm using my facebook account more often now and I've actually started liking it!
And this is not a sudden move to keep up with the trend. It is a move to avoid orkut. Or shall I call it Pandora's box? Yes, that would be it. True, it helped me in staying connected with my old school mates. True, it helped me interact with my classmates in college during the initial phase. True, I made a lot of wonderful friends from different cities. And knowing myself, I wouldn't have been able to do all of this without a social networking site. Mainly because I'm highly incapable of keeping in touch with people. Even the ones who once topped the list of my best buddies.I dunno what's it with me, but I have a tendency of falling apart. Had it not been for the internet I probably wouldn't have made any effort to keep myself updated. Keeping in touch over phone is.. well..irregular. Although I prefer it, but it still is irregular.I guess the fact that I keep losing my cellphones is a major contributing factor! Hence, this phenomenon was good. It still is good. But of late it has been the genesis of a lot of unsolicited things in my life. And it's time now to put my foot down. How I wish I had Uttara's courage to delete it and get over with it once and for all. But I can't do that, or at least not at the moment..sigh..
So, I selected the next best option. I'm trying to replace one with the other in hope that I forget about this one. And then I'll try to forget about that one.
I wish that day comes soon when one fine morning I'll wake up and gladly get rid of all these blight-of-my-social-life accounts, willingly do away with all the redundant email ids and be happy to write in my good old diary instead of a blog.
Yes, that day will come soon.

PS: The classroom humor is back! A droll professor has returned to cause a laughter riot :D


kaushal said...

Tell me who's back??
Is MDK back :-O
LOL- temme soon :)

neelanjana said...

let you be knows that you are the corrects! :D
good lord! sitting in his class while keeping a straigh face is nothing short of a herculean job :D
all the same, you never told me how's the new sky like? :)

abhishek said...

When two strong personalities face off it makes for riveting drama. Prithviraj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar in Mughal-e-Azam, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna in Namak Haraam, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg at Wimbledon.
i juss feel the same when i open my facebook and orkut account ..the same time...
i realized..wat they mean to me ..when i lost my cell..a week ago!

neelanjana said...

you lost your cell for a week? well..join the club. i've permanently lost two of mine :D

Kardel Sharpeye.... aahh..ok Karn said...

yah ... keeping in touch is not the best I can do either :|